COVID-19 would have eventually declined on its own – but opportunistic governments and vaccine makers convinced the public otherwise

During the pandemic, the world was convinced it needed masks, vaccines, lockdowns and other measures to protect humanity, but like most viruses, COVID-19 was always destined to decline on its own as it ran out of vulnerable people to infect.

It’s a simple but powerful concept that was explained in detail by Dr. John Snow in the 1850s. The British surgeon is considered a founder of epidemiology, and his investigations into a London outbreak of cholera are considered a significant turning point in the medical field’s understanding of how contagious diseases work. He found that when a virus runs out of susceptible hosts, its circulation will decline sharply in a question of weeks or even days.

In fact, there are a couple of reasons the COVID-19 situation was going to improve on its own. While there will always be residual areas of susceptibility, the normal trend is for a virus’s spread to decline sharply after an initially strong presence. Although there are exceptions, viruses typically become less harmful as they adapt to a new host. Many viruses find it much easier to continue to replicate in their host than to find new hosts. From their perspective, it doesn’t really matter if they cause you to actually be infected with the disease; they just want you to carry it and transmit the virus, and to do that, you need to be alive.

This is one reason viruses tend to weaken over time. It is especially true of COVID-19, which relies on people interacting to be passed from person to person as it is transmitted through respiratory droplets. Then there’s the fact that as more people overcome the virus, they build immunity to it, and it runs out of people to infect.

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In other words, outbreaks can and do naturally run their course – a fact that governments around the world conveniently ignored in their quest to control people with restrictive measures in the name of “flattening the curve.” In fact, a lot of biological facts were ignored by those who sought to profit and control people during the pandemic.

Pandemic decisions were driven by politics and profits, not medicine

Many of the decisions made during the height of the pandemic were driven by politics, not medicine, and recently exposed documents from the German equivalent of the CDC show how health authorities there intentionally lied to the public so the government would not cut off their funding.

The German health authority RKI reluctantly released documents in response to a court order that show what happened there. Among the shocking revelations in the 2,515-page tranche of documents was that the experts knew about the deadly thrombosis side effect of the AstraZeneca jab as early as January 2021 but failed to inform the public.

They similarly “forgot” to tell people they found no evidence the shots reduced the transmission of the disease, instead deciding to play on people’s emotions and insist that getting the shot would protect elderly loved ones and help the population achieve herd immunity – even though it’s impossible to do so when vaccines don’t reduce transmission.

The German government also closed schools despite experts recommending against it and implemented mask mandates despite knowing they were ineffective outside hospitals.

Sound familiar? Americans were subject to similar restrictions, and we’re only scratching the surface on how much authorities knew about the inefficacy of these measures and when they knew it. We’re also learning so much more about how poorly researched the COVID-19 jabs were that they essentially forced on much of the population, cutting corners and giving drug makers immunity from lawsuits related to side effects as they raked in billions of dollars in profits.

None of this control would have been possible if they had been honest with people about how viruses work, and Big Pharma would have never made record-breaking profits if the companies and governments had been transparent with people about how mRNA vaccines do not stop the spread of the virus and cause serious side effects.

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