After Biden’s disastrous debate last week, Democrats are truly panicking and desperately looking to replace him

The 2024 CNN presidential debate was a terrifying moment of inflection for the United States of America. First of all, the debate rules were designed to segregate various presidential candidates from the public’s eye. The debate excluded well-known political parties, and selectively left out viable independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has an impressive following, despite being censored and denied Secret Service protection throughout his candidacy.

Involving all presidential candidates is important for democracy, especially during a political cycle when the leading Democratic and Republican candidates refused to debate their competition in the primary, and while they continue to be the most unlikable, polarizing candidates in American history.

However, to boost their abysmal ratings, CNN provided the American public a familiar choice, a binary choice, a rancorous rematch: Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. For the latter candidate, this “debate” could be best described as a complete and total DISASTER.

After Biden the dementia patient fumbled through the debate, even the most die-hard, delusional Democrats are panicking. Democrats have to finally face reality – that their vaccine zombie candidate has no faculties left, and their sordid political agendas are falling apart before their very own eyes.

Rigged CNN debate implodes on Democrats

To start, CNN created a debate environment that discouraged actual debate (cutting off the candidates’ mics, so they cannot discuss anything). This contrived rule was designed to assist Joe Biden, due to his inability to think and speak clearly in the moment. Biden’s speeches have been scripted over the past three years, and only certain members of the corporate media are allowed to ask certain questions (in a certain order) that cater to the Democrat’s agenda.

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Also breaking with tradition, there was no live audience at the debate, to prevent viewers at home from being swayed by the cheers for Donald Trump. There was no way that CNN and the Democrat propaganda machine would allow voters to be influenced by an audience outraged by Joe Biden’s divisive lies and incoherent rants. CNN and the expert analysts know, that when Joe Biden is put in front of a real audience, anything can happen. For instance, when the Democrats were mandating restrictions and forcing deadly injections on the public back in 2021 and 2022, entire stadiums would burst out in satirical rhythm, chanting “LET’S GO BRANDON.”

There’s no doubt that a live audience would have continuously booed Biden or erupted in “LET’S GO BRANDON” during CNN’s scripted debate. Biden appeared feckless and weak, speaking in mumbling low tones that slurred together. At times, Trump pointed out the obvious, that Biden didn’t even know what he was saying. The real losers here are the doctors who are tasked with dosing up Biden with the right combination of uppers and downers. They didn’t get the timing right. There were times when Biden would almost fall asleep, his eyes and head drooping, and there were times when his eyes would burst open and he’d look off in the distance like he didn’t know where he was! He spent most of his time incoherently attacking Donald Trump and mumbling about irrelevant things that do not matter to voters or the future of the country. Trump was right when he said the debate was a “waste of time” because there was nothing of sustenance discussed.

Nevertheless, Donald Trump spent most of his allotted speaking minutes not answering the moderator’s questions. It’s easy to see that Trump saw through the scripted questions and refused to participate in one-liner, gotcha questions that were designed to trap Trump and provide Biden with negative campaign sound bites that can be used against Trump to motivate the Democrat’s ever-dwindling, clueless voting base.

Instead of playing into the scripts, Trump spent most of his time deflecting blabbering lies and Democrat talking points, changing the subject often, while holding Biden accountable for the border crisis, the political persecution, the destruction of our energy infrastructure, the record inflation and catastrophic failures in Afghanistan, in Ukraine and in the Middle East. The mic cutoff actually worked well in Trump’s favor, making him appear more restrained and less combative. In the end, Trump destroyed Biden, but there’s more going on behind the scenes that should concern American voters.

A weak Joe Biden is a smokescreen

While Biden projects political and military weakness in front of the whole world, it’s the people working behind the scenes that we should be paying attention to. In the Art of War, an adversary that appears weak is actually engaging in the art of deception, using this public display of weakness (Biden) as a cover for the powerful moves they are planning behind the scenes.

Biden is a pawn in a much bigger game, and if Americans aren’t careful, they will get caught up debating Biden’s dementia, while the puppet masters behind the scenes prepare to unleash their next moves, which will include more robust and intricate systems of data collection, warrant-less spying and surveillance, and a greater devaluation of the currency in the push for a digital dollar system that abolishes privacy and autonomy.

Behind the scenes, these forces are getting away with deceiving children, erecting systems of genitalia mutilation and forcing kids to accept gender dysphoria as the gateway to their identity and sexual liberation. Behind the scenes, there are plans for more “pandemics” and an expansion of government power that poses greater threats to individual liberty and free market economics than ever before in American history. While distracting the public with a weak Biden, these forces of malevolence are advancing tracking technologies, vaccine passports and more detailed algorithmic censorship over our digital lives, which ultimately manipulates our entire political system. Behind the scenes, these forces are collecting our behavioral data and they know how to stoke the fires of insurgence, turning us against one another while concentrating power into the hands of the corporate oligarchy.

Now, the Democrats are panicking, debating whether to cheat their nominee, replacing him with someone who can continue the communist agenda, but with a stronger voice, a more competent approach. This is why the Democrats should be debated on the merits, the facts and the failures of their ideas, and held accountable for totalitarian and corrupt actions that have harmed our country and victimized children. Biden is just a smokescreen at this point — replaceable, expendable.

The American republic is more vulnerable now than ever before, and it’s not too late to turn it around and fight back against the corruption and wicked influences that have hijacked our country. The USA deserves a new administration at the federal level, but the answers won’t come from Washington alone. A future of prosperity, liberty and justice for all will involve individuals taking responsibility, and in the collective sense, it will take a spiritual revival to restore the most wicked and corrupted parts of our government and culture.

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