Florida grand jury provides a second interim report documenting crimes committed during the COVID-19 scandal

In December 2022, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis requested a statewide grand jury to investigate the crimes against humanity that took place during the covid-19 scandal. The grand jury is investigating whether “pharmaceutical manufacturers (and their executive officers) and other medical associations or organizations” engaged in “criminal activity or wrongdoing” in regard to “their involvement in the development, approval, or marketing of COVID-19 vaccines.” The Florida Supreme Court authorized the grand jury in December 2022.

Now, more than a year later, the grand jury has released two interim reports exposing COVID-19 lies, coverups and misconduct by pharmaceutical companies, government health officials and prominent media figures.

Florida grand jury sets the record straight on COVID-19 treatments, natural immunity and media manipulation

The Florida grand jury has verified numerous allegations that were previously written off as “misinformation” or “conspiracy theory.” In the second interim report, submitted on May 21, the jury documents the facts on natural immunity and the efficacy of various treatments that were vilified and blacklisted.

These two basic fields of study – early treatment protocols and naturally acquired immunity – were forbidden in the wake of government lockdowns, unlawfully mandated vaccines and the long list of asinine restrictions that drove the coercion for the global vaccination agenda. The latest research contains damning evidence proving that the “expert” class did not “follow the science” but instead promoted propaganda and medical edicts that caused wide-scale medical error.

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For most of the population, natural immunity or infection-derived immunity was readily achieved, as variants of the original SARS-CoV-2 strain posed little effects. For the people who did suffer with the infection, most were isolated in a state of fear and denied early treatment. The people who went to the ER often underwent mandated protocol and drug regimens that led to sedation and mechanical ventilation, with oftentimes sad results.

In order for the COVID-19 vaccines to receive emergency use authorization from the FDA in 2020, there had to be no known treatments. By suppressing, censoring, and vilifying the treatments that independent doctors were successfully using, pharmaceutical companies and their media cohorts were able to fraudulently force their vaccine experiment into the marketplace, where further coercion and human rights abuses were used to maximize compliance.

Natural immunity and treatments blacklisted to force vaccine experiments onto the population

It is common sense that the human body develops immunity after it is exposed to antigens from the environment. This is why the bodily restrictions and fear-based germaphobia approach was useless, and had a negative effect on the health of individuals and the public as a whole. Not only were infections inevitable, but the restrictions did nothing to prepare the body for the infections. Early treatments of hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, sunlight (vitamin D), nutrition, anti-viral phytochemicals, glutathione and intravenous vitamin C were all deeply discouraged and replaced with a doctrine of restrictions, fear and harmful mandates that led to unprecedented vaccine coercion and worse outcomes.

According to the grand jury report, “most studies show that, on average, IDI lowered chances of reinfection from the Ancestral, Alpha, and Delta variants of SARS-CoV-2 in the unvaccinated by roughly 80%,” with such “immunity generally [starting] to decline around 40 weeks after infection but level off to what appeared to be a roughly stable 50% that lasted from 60 to 80 weeks after infection.” This means the COVID-19 vaccines, even if they were actually efficacious and safe, would have been completely useless for the tens of millions of people who faced the infection and moved on with their life.

“These promising IDI numbers did not just appear out of the blue in 2024. They were echoed in numerous studies produced at different times over the last four years,” the report reads. The report chastised government health agencies for making contradictory recommendation that disregard biological facts. The report unveiled the government’s war on ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and any other natural treatments that worked to help people recover from the infection.

Access the Florida grand jury’s second interim report to get all the details.

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