Nearly 1 out of 3 Americans are living with CHRONIC PAIN

Pain manifests in various ways, and a recent survey has revealed that almost a third of Americans are experiencing persistent pain. According to the poll, three out of every 10 Americans report not having a single pain-free day in over a month, with 28 percent indicating they endure some form of pain daily.

The survey, commissioned by Ancestral Supplements, is a double-opt-in survey of 2,000 Americans conducted between April 12 to 17. It found that nearly half of Americans experience chronic pain, regardless of whether that pain is medically diagnosed or not. Over a quarter of those dealing with chronic pain have endured it for 13 years or longer.

The typical American starts experiencing discomfort at the age of 37. Predominantly, individuals reported experiencing pain in their legs (39 percent), neck (29 percent) and shoulders (29 percent). Others highlighted their back as the primary daily challenge.

On average, when waking up in pain, Americans require an additional seven minutes to prepare themselves in the morning. Seeking relief for chronic pain, respondents primarily consult healthcare professionals (75 percent) – with nearly half resorting to simply looking up their symptoms on search engines (48 percent).

The chronic pain caused respondents to feel dissatisfied with their lives. Forty-three percent said they were not feeling entirely themselves, 30 percent had increased fatigue, 28 percent had consistent sleep disturbances due to the pain and 27 percent had to give up on beloved activities because of the pain.

Americans willing to sacrifice and spend exorbitantly just to live pain-free

To be pain-free, those living with chronic pain have declared their willingness to sacrifice some of their favorite indulgences, including coffee (25 percent), social media (22 percent) and even certain food products like cheese (18 percent).

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Americans are also prepared to spend an average of $1,800 for a diagnosis to identify the cause of their extreme discomfort.

Meanwhile, those living with chronic pain are managing their daily discomfort in a variety of ways, including using heating pads (39 percent), regularly exercising (33 percent) and trying various supplements (25 percent).

For those trying supplements, the most popular ones they are using are those specifically targeted for pain relief, including iron (19 percent), fish oil (17 percent), turmeric (16 percent) and colostrum (10 percent).

Despite the challenges with finding solutions to the pain, 80 percent of respondents said they are continuing to seek solutions, while 78 percent are indicating their preference for a natural solution over a surgical intervention.

Ancestral Supplements CEO Chris Ricci remarked: “Living with chronic pain encompasses more than physical discomfort; it disrupts and inconveniences daily life significantly.” He emphasized the urgent need for effective solutions, as highlighted by their research. (Related: Natural ways to manage aches and pains.)

Ricci also stressed the importance of prevention in maintaining overall well-being – highlighting the availability of natural and straightforward solutions to support bodily health.

A significant hurdle in tackling and managing chronic pain lies in its subjective nature. Variations in how individuals and different demographic groups perceive and experience pain make it challenging for healthcare professionals to accurately diagnose and treat it. This subjectivity can breed skepticism and misunderstandings regarding the severity of a patient’s pain, compounding feelings of anxiety and isolation associated with chronic pain.

Chronic pain poses a tangible public health concern in the United States. According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, the healthcare expenses associated with chronic pain in the U.S. are estimated to reach as high as $635 billion annually.

Studies have often suggested that public health officials, policymakers and healthcare providers must prioritize the development of policies and programs aimed at addressing chronic pain. Enhancing access to affordable care and implementing effective treatment strategies is crucial for reducing healthcare disparities across the nation.

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