Active-duty and retired military members call for accountability over harms caused by VACCINE MANDATES in open letter

A group of more than 200 active-duty and retired military service members demanded accountability for the harms caused by the illegal Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates implemented in U.S. military branches.

The group voiced out its demands in a Jan. 1 letter, calling out prominent military leaders like retired Gen. Mark Milley – former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. According to the letter, Milley and other high-ranking “military leaders broke the law; trampled constitutional rights; denied informed consent; permitted unwilling medical experimentation; and suppressed the free exercise of religion.”

These actions, the group alleged, resulted in “continued financial, emotional and physical suffering by many service members – including debilitating vaccine injuries, increased veteran homelessness and deaths.”

Moreover, the letter stated that the group has “exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the armed forces.” Those responsible, it added, have “refused to resign or take any other action to hold themselves accountable” or to “repair the harm their policies and actions have caused.” Given this, the signatories pledged to “do everything morally permissible and legally possible.”

Navy Cmdr. Robert A. Green Jr. led the signatories of the open letter. Several whistleblowers also affixed their signatures to the letter, including former Army Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long and former Army Maj. Dr. Sam Sigoloff. Former Navy Cmdr. Dr. Lee Merritt, who hosts the “Merritt Medical Hour” on Brighteon.TV, also signed the letter.

Green told the Defender that he penned the letter in response to the lack of movement from the armed forces leadership after several years of attempts by him and others. “They’re not trying to repair the harms and/or do what’s right to fulfill their own oaths to the Constitution,” he lamented.

No escape for military leaders behind vaccine mandates

The letter expounded on some of the actions the signatories will undertake to restore this accountability. These include convening courts-martial for both active-duty and retired officers responsible for vaccine mandates; introducing legislation to remove retirement income for complicit leaders; and training others to “safeguard against such leadership failures hereafter.”

Green admitted that the courts-martial would require a change and leadership, and neither him nor his fellow signatories in the letter have that authority. But a secretary-level official or the president can order these court-martials to be convened.

“There are eight or 10 veterans who are running for office at the state and federal level who made that pledge for accountability with us,” said Green, adding that “folks need to get involved” for meaningful change to happen to the laws. He continued: “Let’s replace those people with real American patriots who understand the Constitution and the value system that we were founded on.”

According to the letter, change will be “a continuous process with a long-term time horizon” – something Green reiterated. “We didn’t get into this mess overnight. We’ve gotten into this mess over decades, so it’ll probably take decades to clean up,” he said.

“This problem is not going to go away. For the leaders who did this, this is your problem and we’re going to hold you accountable – regardless of whether you make it to retirement or not.”

The Defender pointed out that the letter borrows heavily from the Declaration of Independence. According to signatory and former Army Lt. Col. Bradley Miller, the references to the fundamental document were “deliberate and meaningful.” Miller resigned from the Army in protest of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. (Related: Highly decorated US military officer resigns in protest of COVID vaccine mandate.)

The erstwhile Army officer said he and his fellow signatories “believe that we have suffered a long train of abuses that has come to a head with the unlawful COVID-19 shot mandate.” He continued: “We would be negligent in our duty to uphold our oaths to the Constitution, as well as negligible in our loyalty to our countrymen, if we permitted the continued demise of one of our most hallowed institutions.”

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Watch retired Green Beret Ivan Raiklin talk about the letter penned by Green that called for accountability over military vaccine mandates.

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