DISEASES OF THE MIND: Climate anxiety, Trump Derangement Syndrome and gender fluidity

Sanity is defined as the ability to think and behave in a rational, normal manner, including of sound mental health. Delusion is defined as a false belief or judgment about external reality that is held onto despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. There are several different kinds of delusions, including persecutory delusions where the person has false beliefs that they are about to be harmed in some way, like the way hundreds of millions of people believed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) would kill them if they caught it. This is gas-lighted by media propaganda that drives fear, anxiety and depression.

In a sane world, the insane folks are put in insane asylums where they are treated with therapies until they can prove they are not a danger to the populace, but in America, there are millions of deranged people mingling with the sane folks all day, and they have no idea they are suffering from diseases of the mind.

Diseases of the mind are contagious, spread like a pandemic around the nation and the world, through propaganda and brainwashing, mostly delivered via mass media and social media marketing. Only people who learn how to think for themselves can deflect and prevent “infection” from the other sheeple and the herders (globalists and politicians).

There are three very pervasive diseases that have infected a massive amount of the populace, and symptoms of infection include delusions, anxiety, anger, fear, fear-mongering, blame-casting, loss of self-worth and general panic.

Climate change psychology, germ paranoia and gender-fluid perversion addiction

Bring in the mass-media psychologists for all the gay-sex-crazed, hypochondriac, global-warming-believing Liberals and Democrats. Cue the PBS News Hour climate psychology therapist. You simply can’t make this stuff up. It’s happening. It’s like Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer trying to treat all the insane sheeple who have fallen for every mass media hypnosis campaign to date.


Millions of gullible, brainwashed Americans believe they will burst into flames while walking down the street if everyone doesn’t buy an electric car tomorrow and stop using their gas stoves immediately. They literally believe that anyone who does not believe that the oceans are all boiling right now and all the glaciers are melting at record speed must be a domestic terrorist who wants everyone to die by flood and fire. These folks require psychological help just to get out of bed in the morning and function, according to PBS producers and their made-for-TV “climate psychology therapist.”

In fact, the Climate Change Cult is so extreme, that a recent Bloomberg headline warns the world that “Extreme temperatures are hurting our mental health,” and that global warming disorder (GWD) is worthy of a new diagnosis category in the psychology manual DSM-5. Even the World Health Organization report last year preposterously claimed that “awareness of climate change and extreme weather events and their impacts” could cause severe issues “including strained social relationships, anxiety, depression, intimate-partner violence, helplessness, suicidal behavior and alcohol and substance abuse.”

Millions of Americans also still suffer from TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, where they think Trump is the new Hitler. At the same time, they STILL all wear their beloved communist-inspired COVID masks 24/7/365, even when walking alone outside or in their vehicle while driving alone with the windows rolled up tight. These same people believe a man who wears makeup and high heels can get pregnant and have a baby. It’s a disease of the mind.

Even “Prescription Drugs” are a disease of the mind, where the patient is convinced that there are no natural cures or preventions for diseases and disorders unless they are created in a laboratory by scientists and “approved” by doctors and the FDA for use. Tune that internet “dial” to Climate.news for updates on crazed Globalists, Democrats and Liberals pushing their insane diseases of the mind on everyone else as if they’re real.

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