Tim Arrigo: RESILIENCE is the only way to overcome an ADDICTION

Life breakthrough coach Tim Arrigo believes a person needs resilience to overcome addiction.

“The only way to really overcome an addiction is through resilience. The problem is: It’s very hard to treat,” he told Jeff Dornik during the Aug. 1 episode of “The Jeff Dornik Show.”

“You have to be a very resilient human being. The problem is, you can’t teach resilience and you can’t teach spirituality. I can tell you about … resilience and spirituality [and] I can pray with you. But I can’t force you or make you have a relationship or an experience with God.”

According to Arrigo, the founder and CEO of Beyond Driven Enterprises, drugs and alcohol by themselves do not cause addiction. He told Dornik: “The reality is that drugs and alcohol are never the problem, they are just a way that people solve the problem.”

“The problem is always a deeper issue. This goes back to: What are these issues that leave somebody predisposed to addiction, where somebody’s self-medicating, self-soothing, self-regulating with substances? What leaves somebody predisposed?”

The life coach stressed the need to identify and resolve the deeper issues a person is facing. According to Arigo, those issues always go back to some family origin such as a breakdown or traumatic experience that happened in a person’s life that left them predisposed in some way, shape or form. Problems like drug addiction, marital issues and alcoholism all boil down to interpersonal issues that people aren’t provided help to deal with.


“They don’t prioritize these inner conflicts. And these things continue to show up in their life, continue to govern their behaviors and cause them to have a self-destructive relationship with themselves.”

Arrigo: California dealing with glorified drug addiction

Arrigo also noted how California is dealing with a “glorified drug addiction,” with users out on the streets refusing to be in a rehabilitation facility. Communities in the Golden State need to take back the streets and deal with both mental health and substance abuse, he said. (Related: DRUG EPIDEMIC: Data reveals drug overdose KILLED close to 110,000 Americans in 2022.)

California has had a high tolerance to the issue, and even the state’s southern portion has absorbed drug use as part of its culture. Arrigo pointed out that the state’s policies are not working, explaining that the government isn’t helping drug addicts by not providing any significant consequence for them in terms of their actions. Americans, as a society, also contribute to the problem by enabling the drug addiction to continue.

The life coach continued that a lot of programs for supposedly helping drug addicts, such as the Harm Reduction Initiative (HRI), have become money-making schemes and have only perpetuated the problem. Thus, a more holistic approach is needed – in the form of an intervention allowing addicts to become productive members of society again.

He also told Dornik that people actually do not know how to deal with the problem, especially if they have no background in or experience working with substance abuse treatment, substance use disorders or mental health conditions.

In response to Dornik’s question about the right way to handle drug addiction on a personal level, Arrigo said people must prioritize their mental and emotional health first before helping others. He added that a person needs to know if what they are doing really helps or hurts people.

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Watch the full conversation between Tim Arrigo and Jeff Dornik about the addiction issue on “The Jeff Dornik Show” below.

This video is from The Jeff Dornik Show channel on Brighteon.com.

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