Global warming fanatics claim that TERRORIZING school children improves their climate behavior: “Engages them with positive actions”

Not enough school-age children are falling for the left wing’s climate change propaganda, so some climate fanatics who call themselves professors are now calling for teachers all around the world to embed more fear and terror into their climate curriculum.

According to left-wing professors Russell Tytler of Deakin University and Peter Freebody of the University of Wollongong, both in Australia, “turbo charging” teacher education will help to induce more climate anxiety into the minds and bodies of today’s children, causing them to obey the government’s climate mandates and alter their climate behavior.

Tytler and Freebody are both of the persuasion that “[t]he case for action on climate change no longer needs to be laid out,” this being the very first sentence in an article they co-wrote for The Conversation about the “need” for the public to respond to it in a “sustained” way.

“Education is crucial for the workforce needed now and for young people who will be increasingly faced with the accelerating realities of climate change,” they further claim, adding that there is an “urgency” in training teachers in climate propaganda as many of them have an “insufficient grasp” on climate “science.”

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Many children unable to cope with psychological trauma of climate propaganda turn to heavy drugs

While some students respond to climate propaganda in stride, accepting the “positive actions” their climate-obsessed teachers want them to take, others do not fare so well.


Climate anxiety is a newfangled disease that is rapidly becoming an epidemic, including in schools where some children, unable to cope with their fear of a warming planet, turn to hard drugs to try to alleviate their pain.

In 2019, Dr. Alex Wodak responded to a New South Wales (NSW) Ice addiction inquiry by revealing that many young Australians feel pessimistic about their lives and futures because of all the climate propaganda being drilled into the heads. Consequently, many of them turn to illegal drugs that, until they are fully decriminalized, will destroy their lives even further in the event they get caught.

“Unless and until young Australians feel optimistic about their future, demand for drugs will remain strong,” Wodak stated, emphasizing that “drugs” need to be redefined “as primarily a health and social issue rather than primarily a law enforcement issue.”

“Young people, understandably, want more certainty about their future prospects, including climate, education, jobs and housing affordability. Change will be slow and incremental, like all social policy reform.”

Up until the early 1900s, “drugs,” as the government defines them, were legal. Edible opium was taxed and regulated in Australia until 1906, for example, and Coca-Cola in the United States contained actual cocaine until the year 1903.

Then came the War on Drugs, which accompanied a globalist takeover of the government, including that which sets the curriculum for public schools. Now, students are being bombarded with propaganda about not just the climate but also LGBT perversion and communism, driving some to try to relieve the pain with substances that the globalists have decided should be “illegal.”

This is important to consider in light of what children and students today are forced to endure from their teachers, who are more concerned about instilling the fear of global warming into them than about training them to make a proper way in life.

“Many of those kids who don’t end up visible destroying themselves may suffer, even if they outwardly lead a normal life, and keep their suffering private,” reports Watts Up With That about what climate indoctrination is doing to children.

“Who knows how many of the kids subject to ‘turbo charged’ climate education will live stunted adult lives filled with psychological pain, a lifetime of struggling with long term psychological trauma from their ‘turbo-charged’ climate indoctrination.”

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