Whistleblower exposes Kaiser Permanente for performing genital mutilation procedures on children at its Southern California hospitals

The American hospital chain Kaiser Permanente, which runs many hospitals throughout Southern California, has been busy training its staff in the ways of transgenderism, including how to mutilate the genitals of underage children as part of “gender-affirming care.”

A whistleblower from Kaiser shared slides from a recent brainwashing seminar in which staff were informed that many of the chain’s hospitals across Los Angeles and Orange County offer mastectomies, hysterectomies, vaginoplasties, and phalloplasties, all of which are available for minors.

The first slide presents what Kaiser has dubbed “The Platinum Rule” as opposed to the more traditional Golden Rule. The Platinum Rule means that when someone claims to be some other gender than what biological sex indicates, Kaiser staff are to agree with whatever the person says “regardless of their transition process.”

“Every transition is different and may or may not involve gender affirming surgery or hormones,” the slide continues, instructing staff members at Kaiser to just play along and nod their heads to whatever gender insanity a patient starts spewing, or else.

The presentation also includes tips and tricks for how to help patients better “tuck” or “bind” their genitals to appear like some other gender. For girls, this means stuffing their breasts into a tight, damaging seal across their chests, while for boys it means plastering their genitals against their bodies as flat as possible to eliminate their visibility.

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Child body butchery being normalized at American hospitals, including at Kaiser Permanente

Even though tucking and binding are dangerous, presenting potentially serious health consequences, Kaiser wants its staff members to do whatever the person or child is asking, even if doing so harms them.

Any woman or girl is eligible for a mastectomy, including children under the age of 18 just so long as they receive parental consent and one letter of recommendation within 12 months of applying. A girl does not need to take any kind of hormone therapy to qualify for a “gender-affirming” mastectomy at Kaiser, regardless of age, even though hormone therapy is required for a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and orchiectomies (removal of the testicles.)

“Adolescents can also receive ‘gender-affirming’ estrogen and testosterone therapy, which can affect fertility and sexual function, and might lead to health problems,” reported Libs of TikTok about what Kaiser offers.

Boys under the age of 18 can also receive vaginoplasties of they want, just so long as they, too, have parental consent and have been on hormones for at least one year prior to the butchery procedure. Girls, similarly, can get phalloplasties at Kaiser under the same guidelines.

“Many medical organizations, such as the Endocrine Society, advise against genital surgeries for minors, due to the irreversible nature of the procedure,” Libs of TikTok warns. “Kaiser Medical believes minors are capable of making life-altering decisions, contrary to the belief of many medical professionals.”

Kaiser’s West Los Angeles Medical Center, the transgender department of which is run by Dr. Holly Hyokyung Kim, appears to offer the widest array of “gender-affirming” procedures for both adults and children. Kim has no background whatsoever in general surgery, urology, or endocrinology, but was offered the position anyway, to which she “jumped at the chance” – her words – to butcher the bodies of children, calling it “truly an honor.”

“We as a culture, as a society have now only started to acknowledge that gender diversity, sexual diversity, is just part of the beautiful mosaic that makes up human kind,” Kim said in an “Ask the Expert” conversation on Instagram.

Transgenderism is a raging, out-of-control fad that must be stopped. To learn more, visit Transhumanism.news.

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