NYT attacks “detransitioners” for using stories to save children from getting mutilated

The corporate media would have us all believe that every person who decides to become “transgender” lives happily ever after with no more mental health problems – but nothing could be further from the truth.

Transgender regret, or the phenomenon of “detransitioners,” is a very real thing. Many people who were told that all their problems would go away and all their dreams would come true if only they chopped off their sex organs and put on caricatured clothing of the opposite sex are realizing that they were lied to – and now they are speaking out.

(Related: A growing number of transgenders who opted for bodily mutilation and now regret it are also lashing out with lawsuits against the perverts who pushed it on them, including corrupt doctors and surgeons.)

The problem is that very few media outlets, including The New York Times, are willing to tell detransitioner stories. In fact, the Times published a piece recently that aims to downplay and denigrate the detransitioning phenomenon, claiming that detransitioner stories are simply a political stunt to shoot down the expansion of so-called “gender affirming care.”

Why aren’t detransitioners allowed to “speak their truth?”

Many right-leaning states are passing legislation to stop the transgender mutilation of children, which is also being accompanied by stories from people like Chloe Cole and Cat Cattinson, two transgenders who regret their decision and now want to detransition. And the Times is upset about it.

“As Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed over a dozen bills banning transition care for minors this year and have moved to restrict care for adults, Ms. Cole and fewer than 10 activists like her – people who transitioned and then changed course – have become the faces of the cause, according to a New York Times review of news coverage and legislative testimony,” Times writer Maggie Astor scoffed about the matter.


“Their stories of regret and irreversible physical transformation have tapped into strong emotions about rapidly shifting gender norms – from hardened prejudice to parental worry. Lawmakers have used these accounts to override objections from all major medical associations, which oppose bans on transition care, as well as testimony from the far larger number of transgender people who say transitioning improved their mental health.”

While it might be true currently that a majority of transgenders are still proud of their decision, likely due to all the praise and laud they are receiving from the leftist media and political structure, chances are that in time, the tables will turn once these mostly children, many of them grossly underage, grow up into adulthood and realize what they have done – assuming they make it that long.

You see, transgender mutilation comes with consequences, some of which can take years to manifest. Sure, there are immediate consequences for some transgenders as well, one of them being death due to surgical complications, but the reality is that it takes time for many of the worst consequences to manifest as a person ages.

Astor at the Times made no mention of this in her hit piece, instead choosing to weave a conspiratorial web about how the “evil right” simply wants to deprive “trans youth” of “speaking their truth,” this being a common postmodern trope designed to subjectivize the idea of universal right and wrong.

If truth is subjective, then why are detransitioners not allowed to speak their truth as well? Just because they regret their decision does not mean that they should no longer have a voice, but the Times apparently thinks otherwise, choosing instead to continue pushing the trans agenda on innocent, still-developing children who are being groomed into a lifetime of misery and hell.

Want to learn more about the transgender takeover of America? You can do so at Transhumanism.news.

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