Spike proteins in COVID-19 vaccines can cause BRAIN DAMAGE, neurosurgeon reveals

Retired American neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock recently shared his shocking discovery that the spike proteins, induced by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, can cause neurological damage.

“When there’s systemic inflammation or any kind of trauma occurs in the body, it produces inflammation and activation of the immune system. This sends a signal to the brain within minutes and starts activating the microglia, which is the inflammatory, cytotoxic cell in the brain,” Blaylock explained.

“When there is a stimulation of the immune system, the ramified microglia go to the primed microglia stage. The pseudopodia are retracted and it becomes a more rounded-looking cell. Inside the primed microglia, there is an intense upregulation of cytokine, chemokine and excitotoxin production, but they’re not released from the cell so there may be some minor immune reaction, but otherwise, there’s not much sign of a reaction.”

According to Blaylock, this happens after getting the first dose of the injection. He added that it is important to note that chemokines attract macrophages, or white blood cells, to the brain. A macrophage in the brain looks exactly like microglia and can also undergo priming.

As the second dose is injected months later, primed microglia become fully activated and will then release all the toxic components. “You get chronically activated microglia, [an] overactivated state and there’s a threefold higher inflammatory reaction than you’d normally get with microglial activation,” Blaylock said.


He further explained that when one gets an infection and recovers from it, the microglia shift from the activated state back to the ramified state. In the ramified state, instead of releasing harmful chemicals the microglia release neurotrophins that repair the damage done during the activated state.

Studies: Spike protein alters neurological functions

Blaylock also cited several published papers that pointed to the harmful effects of the shots, particularly how spike protein can alter neurological functions. (Related: Ben Armstrong: There’s plenty of evidence that COVID-19 vaccines can damage the brain.)

In one study, researchers placed the spike protein in a cell and it formed abundant exosomes that not only contained the spike protein but also two microRNAs. Blaylock said: “The spike protein contained in the exosome was shown to cause a sharp decline in [an interferon regulating, self-controlled, system] IRE9 in microglia making them infinitely more destructive.”

Another study found that antibodies to only a fragment of the spike protein induced neuroinflammation and impaired episodic memory in mice. This, according to Blaylock, is also happening in humans who’ve had this injection – they’re having impaired memory.

“The brain has a special anti-inflammatory system built into it … and what this does is it down-regulates all the inflammatory responses,” Blaylock explained. “And so, what they found, is after immunization with the spike protein, it develops these immune reactions to the spike protein, just of that fragment, and there was a loss in episodic memory in those animals. The second injection is always worse.”

Another research on the mitochondrial effects showed that the spike protein increased microglia mitochondrial activity, producing extremely high levels of reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species. This makes the microglia more destructive than they normally would be.

The paper concluded that there was a 64 percent increase in the principal inflammatory component (inflammasome) in a cell. It also showed that the spike protein impaired the ability of the brain to tolerate inflammation and greatly enhanced the brain cytokine storm.

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Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA technology inventor, talks about the worst side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines in the video below.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on Brighteon.com.

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