Marketing genital-mutilating SEX-CHANGE SURGERY directly to minors is even more EVIL and TWISTED than advertising cigarettes, alcohol or prostitution

What if there was an advertisement on television advertising for penis enlargement surgery and it was aired during Saturday morning cartoons on a cartoon network all the kids watch? Or during that same kids’ prime time on Disney network, they advertised the best kind of cigarettes to smoke, the way medical doctors advertised them less than a century ago? Wouldn’t all parents be righteously up in arms, furiously demanding censorship and even lawsuits?

So what is so different when these liberals and the alphabet club LBGTBCISQ+ pushes so hard right now for all children and teens to be able to get gender-bender surgery and take gender-bender drugs, and without their parent’s permission? That’s so far gone it’s nearly psychotic.

“Gender fluidity” solely reliant on what gender someone “pretends” to be at any given moment

The liberal and gay communities of the nation are fighting right now to have all children be able to make the choice themselves, without parent permission, to get surgery and take hormone drugs to “switch” genders, should they decide they want that. This means PERMANENT surgeries that remove the penis, or clitoris, or breasts, or testicles, in order to “craft” genitalia that looks like the other gender. This can render the patient unable to urinate properly for life, aside from forever depriving them of libido and leaving them with massive, permanent scars

Still, all across America, liberals and the alphabet cult are trying to pass laws, mandates, regulations and loopholes where children and teens can try this without parental permission. They are literally marketing this, especially in Democratic-controlled, metropolitan city-based school systems where the legislation and laws are written, approved and enforced by extreme liberals, atheists, journalistic “presstitutes” and pharma shills.


Gender change surgery can leave a person severely depressed and suicidal

Gender change surgery can leave a person completely depressed about the choice forever, deeply regretting it, sometimes leading to suicide, or even homicide/suicide, as we are seeing from these transgender youngsters shooting up schools and neighborhoods as of late. Should kids be allowed to make decisions about their own health that can totally wreck it forever – like unnecessary gender-bender surgery, taking hormone-bender-cancer-causing drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, vaping nicotine and viewing pornography online? Where is the line drawn? Isn’t all this gender-bender surgery obliterating that line?

So the liberals are claiming that a child at birth may be thinking it should have been the other gender, or wants to be the other gender. Feeling gay or unsure of themselves as children ENTITLES them to choose to have their genitalia mutilated at any time during their immature childhood, without even getting their parents permission. Check social media. This is the big push right now – to let the kids choose. It’s sick and twisted.

This is the new liberal stance on all things gender fluid, folks. This makes sense to them. It’s a new fake science cult. This is their new “religion,” because most of them are agnostic, atheist or worship Satan. They also believe in abortion during the third trimester and on the day of birth.

Plus, the Medical Industrial Complex is bankrolling off these gender-bender surgeries and pushing these hormone drugs that give girls facial hair, deep voices and breast tumors. These hormone drugs that give little boys and teenage boys too much estrogen, causing breast cancer and testicular cancer. But the Left wants “no discrimination!”

To tell a child they can’t mutilate their genitals because they might be confused about who they want to have sex with later in life? Well, that’s discrimination and gay-bashing. You just don’t understand because you must be conservative, right?

Remember, being straight in America, according to the Left, means you are a bigot and a gay-bashing supremacist. Tune your internet to for updates on Leftists pushing their perverted agenda on everyone else.

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