CUMULATIVE EFFECT: Vaccine chemicals and heavy metals have a horrible cumulative, toxic effect on human health that medical doctors refuse to acknowledge

Many people think the only ingredients in vaccines are a little bit of dead or “attenuated” (deadened) virus and some saline, but they are gravely mistaken (pun intended). If someone were to actually read the vaccine package inserts, and then add up the amounts of toxic ingredients included in the 70 vaccines kids get before age 7, meaning the whole CDC-recommended vaccine schedule, they would find that each child ends up being injected with the following:

  • 600 micrograms of mercury
  • Over 13,000 micrograms of aluminum – plus, aluminum helps mercury cross the blood-brain barrier
  • Over 200 different chemicals
  • Genetically modified and adulterated additives, preservatives, adjuvants, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, including formaldehyde (embalming fluid), monosodium glutamate (MSG), sorbitol, industrial-based dyes, polysorbate 80, alcohol, acetone, and castor oil
  • Residuals of peanut oil, latex, lactose, eggs, dairy, antibiotics, genetically modified spike proteins — the reason for so many severe childhood allergies
  • Blood (albumin) and infected cells from African Green monkeys, eagles, dogs, pigs, cows (fetal bovine serum), and cells from human abortions (MRC-5)
  • Wild, live viruses from other animals, including deadly circovirus from wild pigs in China, coronavirus (with gain-of-function), etc.

No testing has been done on all vaccine ingredients combined, as a cumulative effect on children’s brains, nervous systems, immune systems

The VIC, Vaccine Industrial Complex, the ultimate sick care institute lead by Pfizer, is the most powerful “arm” of Big Pharma, by far. No other form of “medicine” has 100 percent immunity from lawsuits, and can be issued with ZERO safety or efficacy (clinical trial) proof as “emergency use authorization” and injected by syringe haphazardly into 270 million Americans. No other medicine is forced onto children as 70 injections before age seven, including mercury-loaded multi-dose flu shots, just to be able to attend daycare and elementary schools across the country.


Why aren’t doctors running tests on children to see how many chemicals and heavy metal toxins have accumulated in their brains and cleansing organs, wrecking their immune systems and CNSs? Answer: The VIC will never allow it.

Ever heard the term “dirty vaccines?” This is where it comes from. These are the 10 most deadly vaccine ingredients ever used, well, until they came up with mRNA.

Top 10 most deadly vaccine ingredients 

#1. Monosodium Glutamate – Found in vaccines for Adenovirus, certain flu shots, Vericella (chicken pox), and MMRV — used as a “preservative” and “stabilizer.” MSG is a concentrated salt that can give infants brain damage, and becomes a neurotoxin when injected, even in miniscule amounts, because it bypasses digestion.

#2. Human Serum Albumin – supposedly used to “prevent immunogens from adhering to the injection vial walls.”

#3. Madin-Darby Canine Kidney (a dog’s cell protein) – in flu shots, to grow flu viruses instead of fertilized hen’s eggs.

#4. Human Abortion Cells (MRC5) – unethical procedures are used to manufacture vaccines using cells derived from human fetuses aborted decades ago.

#5. Thimerosal (50% mercury), in flu shots, found at 25,000 times higher than the levels allowed by the EPA in drinking water.

#6. Squalene – found in flu shots.

#7. Embalming fluid – formaldehyde is found in most flu shots and the Anthrax jab.

#8. Polysorbate 80 – found in DTaP, Hep B, most flu shots, and HPV – used as surfactant to increase the solubility of one agent into another. Polysorbate 80 is derived from sorbitol using a chemical reaction, and can cause IBS because it metabolizes very slowly. Health concerns from consuming or injecting polysorbate 80 are linked to cancer (due to ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxane), skin allergies, developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity.

#9. African Green Monkey Kidney (vero cells) – harvested from infected, diseased primates – used in polio vaccines to propagate the virus over decades.

#10. Deadly porcine pathogen Circovirus – found in Rotateq Rotavirus jabs – Porcine circovirus DNA is a contaminant of an enzyme obtained from pig’s pancreas. No explanation has ever been given as to why this highly dangerous contaminant is purposely put in rotavirus vaccines.

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