World Health Organization pushing for global vaccine passport scheme

The unelected bureaucrats who run the World Health Organization (WHO) want to make so-called “vaccine passports” a permanent reality during the next plandemic.

Since the public health arm of the United Nations (UN) failed to get the job done with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), its aim is to use the next scamdemic to bring about its final solution for the world.

The WHO outlined its plans in a series of amendments that were made to the International Health Regulations (2005), a legally binding instrument that forces all 196 member countries to abide by all WHO mandates in the event of another “health emergency.”

Most countries are done with covid, and the WHO fears that their associated vaccine passport schemes will go by the wayside unless it acts quickly to keep this tyranny in place, perhaps by unleashing another false flag “contagion” event to scare everyone back into compliance.

The IHR was amended starting in January of last year thanks to quiet efforts by the Biden regime. Since that time, numerous other WHO member states have proposed their own amendments as well, bringing the total number of amendments up to 307.

One of these amendments grants the WHO new powers to declare “potential” health emergencies. Another orders all member states to recognize the WHO as the “coordinating authority” in the event of certain health emergencies.

“They also outline how the WHO intends to use its new powers to push global vaccine passports when it declares ‘potential or actual’ health emergencies,” reported Reclaim the Net. (Related: In 2021, California legislators were pushing a bill to impose vaccine passports on state residents.)


The WHO isn’t going to stop until every last person is microchipped and tracked like cattle

The current version of the IHR already allows the WHO to issue recommendations to “review proof of vaccination,” “require vaccination,” and “implement tracing of contacts of suspect or affected persons.” The amendments expand that by granting even more power to the WHO to control world affairs during a “health emergency.”

New text was added to the IHR allowing member states to force the procuration of “documents containing information for a lab test in digital or physical format” as well as “information on vaccination against a disease.”

Another amendment specifies that “documents containing information concerning traveller’s destination … should preferably be produced in digital form, with paper form as a residual option.”

This couples with yet another amendment that paves the way for “other types of proofs and certificates” as “may be designed by the Health Assembly,” this referring to the WHO’s decision-making body, which “attest the holder’s status as having a decreased risk of being the disease carrier.”

“These other proofs include test certificates (which provide proof someone has been tested for a disease) and recovery certificates (which provide proof someone has recovered from a disease),” this particular amendment further states.

One of the most concerning aspects of these changes is that they stipulate that “vaccination certificates should be considered approved” the moment the WHO declares a public health emergency, imagined or otherwise. They also mandate that these vaccination certificates “incorporate means to verify their authenticity via retrieval from an official web site, such as a QR code.”

“At minimum, the WHO wants vaccine, test, and recovery certificates to contain a person’s name, national identity number, passport number, type of vaccine, vaccine batch number, date of administration, place of administration, and an official stamp,” Reclaim the Net warns.

“In the maximum scenario, the WHO wants these digital certificates to contain all of the data from the minimum scenario plus a person’s vaccination history and a QR code that supports the retrieval of vaccination information.”

The WHO is a ringleader in global medical fascism. To keep up with the latest, visit

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