Most children, upwards of 80 percent, naturally grow out of gender dysphoria without mutilating surgeries and drugging

More often than not, a child who feels gender confusion at a very young age will naturally grow out of it during adolescence without the need for a “transition,” a leading Finnish pediatric gender expert has said.

Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala spoke with the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat about the matter, revealing that she personally come across hundreds of young people who at one point in time struggled with their gender experience but eventually grew out of it.

“The young person tries out different identities and is prone to suggestion,” she said. “In one situation, he feels he is one. And in another, another. It’s normal in adolescence.”

To “transition” a child before puberty especially is to assign that child a lifetime of mental illness and possible suicide. This is why Kaltiala warns against doing this, noting that gender dysphoria is more often than not a passing phase.

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The Obamas helped normalize transgenderism

Up until around 2015, gender dysphoria among children was relatively rare. We certainly where not hearing about drag queen story hour and “trans kids” prior to that.

Since 2015, however, the number of children suffering from “gender identity” disorders has skyrocketed tenfold, Kaltiala notes. This writer cannot help but notice that this occurred right at the end of Barack Obama’s eight-year reign of terror during which transgenderism and other LGBT perversions were normalized.


The Obamas played a critical role in ushering in a new era of trans normalization, which we are now seeing the effects of as confused children everywhere are being groomed and brainwashed into cutting off their own genitals and permanently damaging their hormones.

Pre-2015, it was also mostly boys who were struggling with feeling like girls. Post-2015, at least in Kaltiala’s experience, saw a switch to mostly teenage girls self-identifying as male or some other made-up gender.

The gender transition industry is insistent that without easy access to genital mutilation procedures and gender-bending pharmaceuticals, many gender-dysphoric children would suffer from extreme depression and possibly commit suicide. Kaltiala disagrees.

She calls this claim “purposeful disinformation,” adding that it is “irresponsible to spread” it in the way Western leaders, the media, and public education are doing.

“Mentally healthy young people who experience their gender in a way that differs from their biological body are not automatically suicidal,” Kaltiala is quoted as saying.

To the contrary, most children who transition later regret that decision. Many of them end up suffering far worse depression and, sadly, some have ended their lives after discovering the changes they made are irreversible.

One Finnish study found that the mental health of minors who receive hormone treatments deteriorates afterwards. A separate study out of Sweden similarly found that suicide rates among young people increase after they attempt to transition.

“Therefore, it is not justified to tell the parents of young people experiencing transgenderism that the young person is at risk of suicide without corrective treatment and that the danger can be countered with gender reassignment treatment,” Kaltiala argues.

The media would have us all believe that Europe is far worse than the United States when it comes to pushing the envelope on leftism, but Kaltiala’s interview proves that things are far worse in the U.S. than they are in Finland, at least.

“The interview highlights just how out of step the U.S. medical establishment is with its European counterparts on pediatric gender medicine,” tweeted Manhattan Institute Fellow Leor Sapir. “Doctors and medical groups in Finland have been willing and able to stand up to activists, including within their own ranks.”

The latest news about the trans cult’s targeting of children can be found at

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