The entire transgender industry sits on a foundation of just two faulty studies

Experts from the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEBGM) have debunked two landmark studies that in many ways underpin the entire transgender industry.

A report from SEBGM entitled “The Myth of ‘Reliable Research’ in Pediatric Gender Medicine” explains how the two Dutch studies, one published in 2011 and other in 2014, never should have been accepted by the professional community as valid because their methodology falls “unacceptably” short of modern research standards.

Despite containing bad research that is false, the two studies were used to launch a global movement in support of “gender-affirming care,” which is more accurately described as transgender mutilation via pharmaceutical drugs and invasive surgeries.

Youth everywhere are now experimenting with gender-benders like puberty blockers and cutting off their genitalia based on these two studies, which are the epitome of pseudoscience. (Related: The transgender mafia is now demanding reparations as if they were slaves.)

One of the problems with the studies is that they failed, respectively, to properly examine the risks involved with altering one’s endocrine system and modifying body parts with drugs and surgical equipment.

“The entire pediatric transgender industry is based on these two Dutch studies,” said Michelle Cretella, the most recent past executive director of the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) and an advisory board spokeswoman for Advocates Protecting Children.

“This open access report is critical because it exposes the fraudulent foundation of pediatric transgender medicine in the United States.”


Most transgenders end up regretting their decision later in life because cutting off body parts and altering hormones cannot fix their mental illness

It turns out that the two Dutch studies in question, had they been published today, probably would have been disregarded by the entire scientific community as very-low-quality research unworthy of serious consideration – which means thousands of children’s lives could have been saved.

The ACPeds responded to the new report about these flawed studies by issuing a press release on January 25 calling for all relevant organizations to “reconsider current protocols for gender dysphoric children.”

The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy published the new report, which was co-authored by Stephen B. Levine, an expert psychiatrist who has been working in his field since 1974.

Last March, Levine and his colleagues published another report called “Reconsidering Informed Consent for Trans-Identified Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults” to which their latest report is a follow-up.

“We had no bias,” Levine is quoted as saying about the research. “We are just responding to and trying to articulate the limitations of the studies.”

“We are doing harm to an unknown percentage of kids, and the data that is supportive of this work does not really address the issue. The real issue here is what happens to these children when they get into their 20s and 30s.”

Once a person “transitions” and loses body parts and hormones, it is a long road of misery that ensues. This is something that young people being groomed into transgenderism are rarely, if ever, warned about before pulling the trigger.

“After people have sex reassignment surgeries … they want more surgeries,” Levine warns. “It’s very clear they have continued gender dysphoria. The idea that they are being ‘cured’ by affirmative care is an artifact, it’s a myth.”

There is still zero evidence that gender dysphoria has any basis in genetics, which means this is not a medical problem but rather a mental health problem.

“Just because we have hormone treatment doesn’t mean there is a hormonal defect in the person,” Levine says. “People believe, erroneously, that there is some genetic, pre-determined factor here, but we have not been able to find a genetic cause.”

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