Olympic athlete Genevieve Florence (24) ‘barely functional’ after Pfizer vaccine: ‘I wanted to end my life’ (Video)

Genevieve Florence grew sicker because doctors and the government dismissed her life-altering symptoms as anxiety, not vaccine damage.

(Article by Amy Mek republished from RairFoundation.com)

Olympic athlete and British actress Genevieve Florence trained 10 hours a day, six days a week, as a synchronized swimmer. However, after receiving her first Pfizer “vaccine” injection during the summer of 2021, the healthy, thriving 24-year-old became unable to function or care for herself. The painful side effects grew so excruciating she began to contemplate whether she should end her life.

Florence’s decision to receive the controversial vaccine was due to the film industry’s mandatory requirement to work. “I immediately regretted it soon as she put it in my arm. I just thought, Well, what have I done,” said Florence in the powerful documentary, “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion.”

“I couldn’t do anything,” explains Florence. In the weeks after the shot, her health continued to deteriorate. She lived with a constant pounding headache and dizziness; she could not walk. “It was like someone was actually inside my skull, like pushing out. I can’t explain how awful it was. And it was I was dizzy. I was literally crawling,” explains the star athlete.

Her pain and despair continue to grow worse, “I really thought my life was over,” Florence says as she begins to cry. “I couldn’t even cook food. I couldn’t even get up. I couldn’t take care of myself. My mother came by twice a week to change my bedsheets, do a food shop for me, and clean my house. I couldn’t do anything at all.”


The dismissive and unprofessional way she was treated by medical professionals and the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) compounded the problem. The government and doctors tried to convince Florence that her serious health issues were due to anxiety and not caused by the “vaccine.”

Florence’s will to keep fighting was weakening. The young, previously healthy athlete felt hopeless and began questioning if she could continue living in a state of constant pain:

I just thought this wasn’t living. If my mess of my life is going to be like this, then I would rather not be here, but it was in the sense of desperation for help. And I wouldn’t have had those feelings, and my mind would have gone there. If I had someone who had just said, I see you, and we’re going to help you.

Thankfully, the medic on Florence’s recommended a private cardiologist, who she credits for saving her life:

Florence began making improvements and having glimpses of having some normalcy back in her life:

Sadly, during her recovery, she booked a huge film role that required double vaccination. “Not only did I lose my health, but I lost my job because of the vaccine. I almost became homeless,” explains Florence.

The NHS has no treatment pathway for those injured by the vaccine, so she had to spend over £11,000 ($13,000) on private healthcare. Florence has reluctantly started a GoFundMe page to cover her medical costs so she can continue with treatments and, hopefully, fully recover:

‘Emotional journey of pain and mental stress’

The documentary, “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion,” which Florence took part in, “shines a light on the vaccine-injured and bereaved, but also questions the accuracy and trustworthiness of the pharmaceutical companies’ trials, the role of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in regulating these products, the role of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies behavioral scientists in influencing policy, and the role of the media and Big Tech companies in suppressing free and open debate,” states the Epoch Times.

It also features the emotional journeys of six people who fell ill after receiving the jab, together with one young widow. All are on an emotional journey of pain and mental stress, made worse by doctors often dismissing their symptoms.

As the promoted narrative crumbles, the Overton window finally begins to move. However, a major element is still to be questioned by mainstream media: the covid vaccines. Real-world data has increasingly demonstrated that the experimental injections do not prevent infection or transmission. So, if the effectiveness was overplayed, what of the safety?

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