New study: mRNA from COVID shot found in the breast milk of 7 out of 11 vaxxed mothers

A Sept. 26 study revealed that seven out of 11 women injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine had the mRNA poison in their breast milk. InfoWars host Owen Shroyer called this development “the latest bad news” about the vaccine.

The study published in JAMA Pediatrics stated that trace amounts of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA were detected in breast milk samples obtained from seven out of 11 lactating women. The journal also tweeted that “caution is warranted regarding breastfeeding infants younger than six months in the first two days after maternal COVID-19 injection.”

According to Shroyer, these trace amounts are still in the breast milk, and it just shows people that this mRNA can stick around forever. He added that the detection of the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA in human breast milk obviously proves that it causes blood clots. (Related: Breast milk of “fully vaccinated” women contains mRNA poisons, JAMA study reveals.)

“That’s seven out of 11 women with mRNA in their breast milk,” said the “War Room” host. “Which, of course, means that the infants, the newborn babies feeding, getting the breast milk, are now getting the mRNA vaccine technology.”

Shroyer expressed concern that vaccinated mothers might not want their mRNA-tainted breast milk getting into their newborn children for different reasons.

“But what are they going to do? Where are they going to go for breast milk? Are they going to be sure they can get pure breast milk? And there’s no formula available because of the Biden economy. You can’t get breast milk still. So, what are these mothers going to do?” Shroyer asked.


“There was always the fear of the vaccines causing shedding of spike proteins and other things. Well, now we know the vaccines are shedding via the breast milk to the infants. So, it’s kind of like what the blood, and I think it was American Red Cross that recently came out and said we’re not separating vaccinated blood from unvaccinated blood.”

According to Shroyer, this became a big issue when a baby needing blood transfusion received blood from a vaccinated individual. The baby later developed a blood clot in the heart and later died.

COVID vaccines may have already killed over 100,000 Americans

The InfoWars host said the COVID-19 shot has killed at least 30,000 Americans on record. The actual numbers may be at least 100,000 as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System admits to reporting only 10 percent. He also cited recent studies that showed five percent of vaccinated individuals have suffered a side effect that changed their lives for the worse.

“We’re barely a year through this experiment,” he said. “It is an experimental vaccine. It was never tested on humans. The mandates, the side effects, the deaths [and] the lies just really put into perspective how evil it is.”

Shroyer said the presence of COVID-19 mRNA in the breast milk of vaccinated mothers should be considered a problem as it is a poison. He also mentioned that male semen has already been compromised as mRNA from the vaccines were also found in sperm.

He lamented how Americans’ common sense and basic survival instincts are already gone, comparing those who willingly allowed themselves to be vaccinated as mice “lured and trapped with free cheese.” In the same way, Democrats baited the people with free stuff and money just to get injected.

Now, Americans are learning that President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates are causing infants to ingest mRNA from the COVID-19 vaccines through their mothers’ breast milk. Shroyer ultimately slammed Biden for abusing his power and the Democrats for pushing the COVID-19 vaccines and medical martial law.

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Watch Owen Shroyer talk about the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines to both babies and mothers below.

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