Locked-down residents in Changchun seek help by banging pots and pans

Residents of apartment complexes in the locked-down city of Changchun have resorted to banging pots and pans to seek help. The last-ditch measure came as the capital of the northeastern Jilin province had been put on lockdown due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the Epoch Times, footage circulating on Chinese social media showed residents of high-rise apartment buildings in Changchun banging pots and pans as a way to ask for help. However, the security bureau for the city confirmed that police officers prosecuted a man on April 10 for organizing a “pot knocking operation with the intention to pressure the government.” The perpetrator was jailed for seven days and fined 300 yuan ($47) for the violation.

One Changchun resident with the pseudonym Mr. Bai spoke to the Epoch Times about the last-ditch measure. Bai lives at the Evergrande City apartment complex, which has a total of 1,816 apartment units. One video taken on April 6 showed Evergrande City residents shouting for help and banging pots and pans.

According to the Changchun resident, those living in other apartment complexes – such as English Town with 2,586 units and Vanke New Mileage with 3,283 units – have also made noise using pots and pans to get the local government’s attention. The noisemaking incidents had gone viral on social media, and Bai remarked that this subsequently had an effect.

On the night of April 7, a day after the Evergrande City residents made noise, free vegetables were delivered to the community. The volunteers who distributed the vegetables told the residents to show their gratitude to the Chinese Communist Party. However, the vegetables arrived on April 8 with a price tag of 50 yuan ($7.85).  (Related: Chinese propaganda showing well-stocked citizens during lockdown BACKFIRES as people complain about LACK of food.)


Lockdowns for zero-COVID only accomplish “zero food”

A lockdown was imposed on the city of Changchun on March 11 following a rise in COVID-19 cases due to the B11529 omicron variant. The entire Jilin province was locked down shortly after.

Changchun authorities turned up the restrictions to static management on March 28, which included banning people’s movement. They subsequently launched a zero-COVID campaign to extinguish the virus. However, new cases are still reported despite the lockdown due to omicron’s more infectious nature.

Another resident with the pseudonym Mr. Ma denounced local authorities for being “reckless in implementing the [zero-COVID] policy.” He also shared that residents face a serious lack of food and the city controls how the food supply is distributed.

“At the beginning, a local vendor helped the neighbors to get some meat and [vegetables], but on April 3, it’s all banned. Millions of people rely on one distribution channel. You could imagine the quality and price. There are people surely profiting by taking advantage of the national disaster,” said Ma.

A female resident with the pseudonym Ms. Yang said the gate to her community was sealed shut as there were positive COVID-19 test results in every building of her apartment complex. Despite undergoing PCR tests more than 20 times, she said their apartment still reports new infections.

She described the static management policy followed by Changchun as only effective in restricting people, not curbing COVID-19 cases. “There are only ambulances and police cars on the streets. There’s no way out. There are people who committed suicide [and] jumped off the building, but no one cares,” said Yang.

Just like other Changchun residents, Yang has no food and is prohibited to go downstairs. She added that she has not ever seen the free food from the government.

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This video is from the Chinese taking down EVIL CCP channel on Brighteon.com.

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