Dr. Robert Malone tells Alex Newman: COVID mRNA vaccine not effective against omicron

The Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA vaccine is not effective against the omicron variant, according to well-known scientist Dr. Robert Malone.

“In terms of should people receive these mRNA vaccines based on a risk-benefit analysis, it’s getting a little bit tenuous. And here’s the problem: They are not really very effective against omicron,” Malone said during an interview with “The Sentinel Report” host Alex Newman.

“And as Epoch Times nicely put out the other day, the data from various countries, mostly in Northern Europe, are increasingly demonstrating that the vaccines seem to be enhancing the risk of infection with omicron. That’s what the data show. Those are not peer-reviewed. Those are government statistics.”

The inventor of the mRNA and DNA vaccine technology used in COVID injections added that these vaccines are associated with adverse effects like myocarditis. (Related: Dr. Robert Malone tells Stew Peters about the life-threatening effects of COVID-19 vaccines – Brighteon.TV )

COVID vaccines can’t prevent infection, hospitalization

“And their effectiveness at preventing infection, replication and spread is poor at best. And the argument that they are effective in preventing hospitalization is actually failing. We now have more and more papers coming out soon, including, I think, the Great Britain data set, suggesting that nine out of 10 people currently hospitalized in Great Britain with COVID-19 have been fully vaccinated. And four out of five that are hospitalized have had three jabs,” Malone pointed out.


“So we’re in a situation in which it’s the truth if you look at the risk-benefit ratio for omicron, which is what we have circulating. It’s increasingly difficult to justify the vaccines for even the high-risk persons. And frankly, they are already all jabbed anyhow for the most part. And the rest of us have pretty much all have omicron so we’ve developed natural immunity.”

Malone also mentioned that there are already 10 licensed vaccines in the United States, but National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci believes that the only ones that Americans should receive are the gene-based vaccines, which Malone said has something to do with Fauci’s bias or his pocketbook.

Genuine concerns that COVID-19 virus is engineered

The controversial medical doctor and a scientist added that there are genuine concerns about the virus and the antigen derived from it being the spike protein.

“The evidence is there, that in my opinion, this virus was engineered. And as my friend Steven Hatfill likes to point out, there is a sequence that looks like it could be what we call a super-antigen. This is something that would broadly activate B cells and T cells for instance. And so that is a concern and it fits with some of the data that we’re starting to see about false-positive antibody-based assays for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, which can be a consequence of nonspecific activation of antibody production from various B cell clones,” Malone explained.

Malone, who is also the president of the International Alliance of Physicians and Scientists, stated that the Moderna gene sequence patent issue may not be a smoking gun relative to the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) documents that were released to Project Veritas.

Malone also expressed concern about a recent cell paper that showed the RNA is sticking around for 60 days or more and that people are producing very high levels of spike protein for at least 60 days. He noted that this is a higher level of spike protein than a person can get with a natural infection.

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