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BREAKING: Virginia’s State Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver declares FORCED coronavirus vaccines for all Virginians

If you’re keeping tracking of criminal, lawless medical tyrants who are looking to mass murder human beings with experimental vaccines, add Dr. Norman Oliver to that last.

He’s the State Health Commissioner of Virginia, and he has just declared that he’s going to force vaccinate every single person in Virginia with a coronavirus vaccine. Since all the vaccines are skipping long-term trials in a rush to market, forcing every citizen to be injected against their will is actually a violation of fundamental human rights as established under the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which prohibits medical experimentation on human beings.

Dr. Norman Oliver, it seems, wants to add his name to the dozens of U.S. scientists and doctors who have already been criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

“…[I]f we develop a vaccine that can prevent it from spreading in the community we will save hundreds and hundreds of lives,” Dr. Oliver told ABC 8 News. Of course, he neglects to calculate how many hundreds or thousands of citizens in Virginia would be harmed or killed by forced vaccinations. Nor does he acknowledge any basic human right to say, “No!” to an unsafe, experimental medical intervention.

The vaccine, it turns out, may very well kill more people than the coronavirus itself.

Dr. Oliver says he will only mandate vaccines that are “proven to be safe,” but he’s being deceptive, knowing that the entire medical establishment is utterly corrupt and will declare any vaccine “safe” if it earns sufficient profits for people in power. If there’s one thing COVID-19 has exposed, it’s the utter fraud, corruption and criminality of the CDC, FDA, WHO and science journals like The Lancet, all of which have conspired to deprive the American people of safe and effective treatments such as hydroxychloroquine while pimping dangerous, unproven experimental vaccines such as the new mRNA vaccine from Moderna.

It’s all about profit and power, not public health. And if Dr. Oliver isn’t smart enough to see the corruption right in front of his eyes, he’s not qualified to be the State Health Commission for any state other than a state of insanity.

As ABC 8 news says, “Oliver believes that, in the case of COVID-19, public health takes precedent over choice.”

But this is misleading. Mandatory vaccines don’t achieve “public health.” They achieve medical violence and coercion, though, which seems to be the real plan of Dr. Oliver. And the most fundamental principle of Western medicine, as described by the American Medical Association, is the concept of “informed consent,” which means that no doctor should force any medical intervention on any person without their consent.

But if you’re going to force toxic, dangerous injections onto a population, it’s important to disarm them first so they can’t defend themselves against the tyranny of the medical police state. Hence the need for attacking the Second Amendment in Virginia.

Not a coincidence that Virginia Gov. Northam tried to abolish the Second Amendment in Virginia before this vaccine mandate was announced

Isn’t it interesting that in nearly every city, state or nation where mandatory vaccines are being pushed, treasonous bureaucrats tried to take away citizens’ firearms first?

It’s not a coincidence. This is how genocide works: First they take your guns away so you can’t defend yourself, then they send in the euthanasia teams who pretend to be administering “vaccines.” Anyone who resists is taken to a FEMA camp for labor camp internment or execution. This is the plan that’s being rolled out across America. It all kicks into full action once the vaccine becomes publicly available, at which time tyrannical states like Virginia will go door to door, vaccinating citizens at gunpoint and arresting people who refuse to serve as human guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s outrageously unsafe vaccine experiments.

No doubt Gov. Northam will receive generous kickbacks from the vaccine manufacturers, just like legislators in California routinely receive.

Understand that any bureaucrat who tries to take away your guns probably deserves to be confronted by armed citizens. That’s the whole point of the Second Amendment; not to shoot deer but to stop tyrants. And when tyrants try to destroy your right to self-defense while plotting to commit medical violence against your body through the use of forced vaccines, they are descending to the very definition of tyranny that our Founding Fathers sought to keep in check with the Bill of Rights.

You have the right to self-defense. You are born with it as a gift from God; it is not “granted” by the state, and it cannot be nullified by any government. That right includes defending your body against a medical assault with a potentially deadly substance, which includes all vaccines. (Vaccines kill Americans every year, as the government admits at VAERS.HHS.GOV.)

If Dr. Oliver attempts to assault you with a vaccine, you have every right under Virginia law and U.S. law to deploy tools of self-defense to halt that attempted violence and prevent that attacker from committing a felony assault against your person.

Soon, the State of Virginia will come to learn that you can’t assault citizens with vaccine violence without facing blowback from an armed citizenry.

Prepare, fellow Virginians, to fight for your lives against the vaccine-wielding medical police state that wants you disarmed or dead. They will stop at nothing to take away all your rights and make you a slave of the Big Pharma-run medical fascism state of Democrat-infested Virginia. If you surrender to their demands, you will lose your liberty and your life. They might even deliberately administer more deadly vaccines to rural areas of the state in the hope of killing off as many patriots as possible.

Do not submit to medical tyranny. Prepare to fight for your life in Virginia. This is not a drill… it is your last chance to fight or die.

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