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19 Days in jail with NO charges, NO crime committed… sons of Mark Grenon held as “religious prisoners” by the tyrannical FDA – UPDATE

Following the armed government raid on the Genesis II Church nearly twenty days ago, the two sons of Mark Grenon were arrested and jailed. To date, they have not been charged with any crime and have not been allowed to make bail. They are being held prisoner by the FDA as punishment for their “religious crimes” of using chlorine dioxide as a religious sacrament in their church worship practices.

UPDATE: We have now learned that the Grenons have been charged with contempt of court and fraud for violating FDA regulations which were invented by the FDA itself and never passed as laws of this nation. Essentially, the Grenons are refusing to back down and insist they have the right to distribute substances that are already approved by the EPA for water purification and treatment.

A new website has now been launched to help raise funds for the significant legal fees already being incurred by the Grenons. See the site here:

Mark Grenon has also set up an email address where readers may contact him with messages of support or with financial donations. Use [email protected]

Mark Grenon, whose vocal chords were damaged by a vaccine many years ago, has been one of the most outspoken proponents of using chlorine dioxide to beat covid-19 / coronavirus infections. Chlorine dioxide floods the body with instantly usable oxygen, according to a growing number of researchers, almost instantly killing pathogens while oxygenating the blood. Notably, many of the people who die from covid-19 infections actually die from hypoxia, or lack of oxygen.

The same medial establishment that has gone out of its way to destroy the credibility of hydroxychloroquine while pushing expensive, patented drugs and vaccines is also waging an all-out war on chlorine dioxide, utterly silencing the speech of anyone who advocates the substance. Chlorine dioxide — with the molecular formula of ClO2 — is dishonestly described by the media as “bleach.” That’s a lie, of course. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite and has a completely different molecular structure.

The medical establishment outright refuses to even consider the possibility of testing chlorine dioxide in clinical trials to see if it might help with covid-19 infections. The reason, of course, is because it likely kills pathogens and ends infections with such high effectiveness that it would make coronavirus vaccines obsolete.

Since coronavirus vaccines are the cornerstone of the new medical police state tyranny that aims to track every living being with “immunity passports,” denying them the right to work for a living unless they’ve been vaccinated, all those who offer real solutions that might render vaccines obsolete are being criminalized, raided at gunpoint and imprisoned or heavily fined.

The Grenons do not sell chlorine dioxide commercially. They advocate for its use and encourage others to explore the knowledge base that’s currently available on the efficacy and safety of the substance.

While I cannot recommend anyone else consume chlorine dioxide — each person needs to decide for themselves what’s appropriate for their personal health circumstances — I have consumed chlorine dioxide numerous times and have personally found that it achieves the following results:

  1. Has eliminated all pre-cold or pre-flu symptoms in 12 hours or less.
  2. Results in a flood of oxygen to the brain, causing increased focus and concentration.
  3. Ends fatigue.

One nutritional note in all this is that chlorine dioxide is a strong pro-oxident which means it cancels out antioxidants you have taken such as vitamin C. Therefore, a few hours after I take chlorine dioxide, I flood my body with vitamin C to restore antioxidants, often taking 2-3 grams of C at that time.

For the record, the FDA says chlorine dioxide is a dangerous, toxic substance. Then again, the FDA says chemotherapy — derived from mustard gas chemicals of World War I — is perfectly safe to consume.

The FDA, of course, uses teams of armed government thugs to enforce its twisted opinions about what’s safe vs. toxic. The Grenons never tried to use guns to take away other people’s medical choices, unlike the FDA which does that all the time.

If you thought you lived in a free country, think again: The FDA is a tyrannical, lawless cartel of Big Pharma hacks who invoke armed federal agents to hunt down, arrest and imprison church employees whose religious beliefs defy the thought control indoctrination demands of the medical establishment.

That’s full-blown tyranny. And it shows just how desperate the medical establishment has now become in its question to censor all speech about coronavirus cures in order to clear the way for mandatory vaccines.

We are all living under medical tyranny, and the Grenons need your help.

Consider donating $100, $500 or even $1000 to their legal defense. The Grenons live humble lives with humble means. They have no real money and pour all their dollars back into their church operations.

Support them now at:

Here’s a recent interview with Mark Grenon, recorded the day after the first FDA raid:

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