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Connecting the dots on the covid-19 deception: ‘Withholding information is the essence of tyranny while controlling the flow of information is the tool of dictatorship’

“Withholding information is the essence of tyranny. Control of the flow of information is the tool of the dictatorship.” Bruce Coville

(Article by Professor Steven Perry  republished from

Last week, we looked at how the official response to the pandemic morphed from great concern about the danger; to numbness at the economic devastation (the UN World Tourism Organization estimated  earnings down 80% on 2019 and the loss of 120 million jobs); to increasing rejection of the absurd.

In this article, we review how a draconian censorship of the medical community is being enforced not just in China, as one might expect, but also in the Western world; we examine the information that has been hidden so enthusiastically from you, and finally explain why almost every action taken by authorities has been at variance with impartial science and common sense.

Burying Facts and Studies

In viewing the stream of contradictory and ever-changing data about the Wuhan virus (where it came from, its true nature and virulence, what did or did not work to combat it, etc.), the idea that officialdom was being driven by the common good rather than some unknown special interests was laid to rest with the egregious social media/Google censorship of multiple respected medical voices raising persistent and serious doubts concerning many aspects of the virus itself and its treatment— even challenging the notion that Covid-19 was really as dangerous a threat as was being advertized by multiple outlets and parties. Twitter, for instance, is censoring information that does not follow “public health experts’ and WHO guidance.” Google and Facebook’s “third-party” FactChecker program is funded by Gates, Soros, and Clinton donors, hardly neutral politically and certainly heavily invested in the vaccines being touted as the only possible and permitted solution.

Let’s take some treatments that have been and still are being silenced at a time when any valid treatment should be pursued if the actual purpose were to save the lives of those who were succumbing to Covid-19:

  1. Inexpensive Hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin and zinc apparently proves 100% successful, yet the drug is banned by multiple parties and vilified, including by what turns out to be a completely fabricated “scientific” study written by a science fiction writer;
  2. Intravenous vitamin C is reported to have been very effective and used by the Shanghai government, but shut down by the US government and social media;
  3. The Math+ protocol that combines intravenous vitamin C, oxygen therapy, steroids, and zinc/vitamins D and B1 for patients arriving in hospitals but not yet in ICU. The protocol addresses the three ways that Covid-19 kills patients: Triggering hyperinflammation, hypercoagulation, and hypoxia (lack of oxygen reaching the tissues); 98 patients recovered and only 2 died (in their 80s with advanced chronic morbidities);
  4. The importance of building healthy immune systems through diet, exercise, and proper natural supplementation so the vast majority of individuals never catch colds, flus, and coronaviruses in the first place. Vitamins C and D3, zinc, and antiviral herbs such as astragalus, green tea extract, Andrographis, and monolaurin (from coconut) are well-known resources that are thoroughly nixed by the media and government agencies.

Looking for why these and other solutions might be rejected or outright attacked, as in the FDA’s Quack Hack program targeting colloidal silver’s effectiveness against pathogens,  it seems the common denominator behind the suppression of these potential non-pharmacological solutions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infections is that they are low-cost, unpatentable, and thus unprofitable protocols. It is not because they are not valid and effective protocols worth at least including in an honest search for possible solutions.

What is approved and pushed by the government (in the US) from the FDA to the FTC and including Dr. Fauci, who headed the White House’s coronavirus task force, are patentable and inevitably expensive vaccines that do not even exist yet.

For its part, in addition to removing all social media and Internet mentions and smearing doctors promoting these non-vaccine solutions, the media and social media also take for granted that vaccines are the solution.

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
– Thomas Jefferson

When perfectly competent voices are silenced and measures continue to be taken that defy common sense (creating the worst financial depression in human history, for instance, and everything that will entail), then it would seem that a special-interest group is at work with a hidden agenda, not a general-interest group applying science and common sense openly to deal with a situation for the good of the citizenry as defined by the citizens, not by special-interest groups.

If the information and handlings being recommended by those in government were characterized by scientific accuracy, truth, and logic, there would be no difficulty in having citizens accept their statements and instructions despite being exposed to different and even contradictory information.

Furthermore, even though Covid-19 is actually a complete non-event health wise for the vast majority of the world, for the few who are impacted heavily, a truly scientific enquiry would look honestly at all possible elements before ruling them out in order to discover optimal treatments. Real science neither needs to hide information nor to be forced upon people—it speaks for itself when it simply works as stated.

For Whom is Covid-19 Actually a Danger and Why?

There is no question that what is called Covid-19, whether or not it is a virus, is dangerous to a very small number of easily identified people. In order to adjudicate what might be the best solution for Covid-19, and whether vaccines indeed might be the only valid solution, let’s explore the nature of SARS-CoV-2 and any other factors that might be behind the various symptoms ascribed to Covid-19.

The first point to grasp is that life-threatening infections of Covid-19 are not necessarily caused simply by the virus SARS-CoV-2, but the combination of two other elements:

1)  The insertion by a lab technician of an element into SARS-CoV-2 that increases its infection rate as part of “gain of function” lab work to create viruses that are more virulent and dangerous;

2) XMRV, another immune suppressant, being received earlier by some individuals (estimated 30-100 million in the US) as a result of vaccines contaminated during the manufacturing process with gamma-retroviruses (which can trigger diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, autism, and certain cancers), or via blood transfusions. It is possible SARS-CoV-2 simply activates these gamma-retroviruses, causing Covid-19 symptoms;

Five additional factors have also been highlighted—and rapidly censored—as possible contributors that boost the Covid-19 virus into severe cases for some:

1) The unrelenting and rapid rollout of military-grade 5G (and its electro-magnetic radiation that causes the same flu-like symptoms and oxygen deficiencies as experienced by Covid-19 patients in hospitals) despite zero safety studies having been done and many complaints by scientists as to the dangers; and moratoriums or outright banning by some countries (Australia, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, and tens of states and hundreds of cities, such as Brussels). The first study on this correlation (English versionSpanish original) shows 5G hotspots to be Covid-19 hotspots, too. For instance, the small state of San Marino in Italy was the first European entity to install 5G technology and has a Covid-19 infection rate that is 27 times greater than that of its neighbor, Croatia, which does not have 5G. In Wuhan, 10,000 5G base stations were deployed by the end of 2019;

2) The predisposition by some individuals to viruses resulting from the toxins included in their vaccines (heavy metals, aborted human fetal tissue, animal cells, DNA from pus, carcinogens, MSG, a neurotoxin, and mercury—for which there exists no safe level for humans, and recently discovered, nanoparticles that are not listed as part of the ingredients and are not biodegradable);

Wuhan residents received flu shots in December 2019, in line with an August 2019  law mandating immunization for all citizens; Lombardy (Italy) introduced two rounds of a new vaccine in the Fall of 2019 made not with the normal chicken eggs but cultured animal cells and containing four types of viruses—H1N1, H3N2, and two types of B viruses. In December, this was followed by Hepatitis jabs. 90% of those receiving these were 65 and older, and 75% of them had serious heart issues—not a smart health strategy to apply to immune-compromised individuals.

3) An increase of 1 microgram of fine particulates per cubic meter of air pollution is associated with an 8% increase in COVID–19 deaths, according to a Harvard university study. This is particularly significant because Wuhan is one of the most polluted cities in the world, as is Lombardy, also a hot spot for Covid-19 in Italy.

The drop in Wuhan deaths may well have occurred not because of the social distancing and lockdown, but the pollution dropping below 40 microns per cubic meter of air as factories ceased to operate, thereby removing the cyanide and other toxins from the air.

This factor becomes all the more compelling when we consider the symptoms of those hospitalized with Covid-19: White blood cell count normal, very low oxygen at the tissue level, and looking blue—the same symptoms as cyanide poisoning, which is resolved with three injections. 88% of those put on respiratory machines died, indicating that this is not a respiratory disease.

4) The aerial spraying occurring worldwide for the last three decades, which includes barium salts (which impact the lungs and are 25,000x more toxic than lead) and aluminum, amongst many other toxins;

5) Poor diet and nutritional deficiency generally reducing immune system health — according to one study, 85% of Covid-19 patients were deficient in the crucial Vitamin D that wards off colds and flus.

As was the experience in other countries, 80% of coronavirus deaths in the US have been those who are 65 and up with pre-existing, life-threatening conditions.

We can narrow down the danger further to nursing/long-term care homes: 40.8% to 50% of Covid-19 deaths in multiple countries occurred in nursing homes; for instance, nursing home residents in Virginia represent 0.3% of the State’s population but comprise nearly 60% of Virginia’s Covid-19 deaths. Similarly, Italy saw 40% of their coronavirus deaths (26,384) occurring in nursing homes (the average age of all deaths being 79.5 years and 97% having an average of 2.7 pre-existing morbidities). The heavy toll in several US states was partly due to lack of proper equipment and procedures in these homes, and government officials requiring recovering coronavirus-patients in hospitals to be returned to their nursing homes.

The Head of Forensic Pathology in Hamburg stated that “Not a single person without previous illness has died of the virus in Hamburg. All had cancer, chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers, heavily obese, or had diabetes or a cardiovascular disease.” [English translation]

A real investigation of Covid-19 would have to include determining if any of these above factors played a part: Jabbing a vaccine into someone will not resolve EMF pollution or barium salt toxicity, for instance.

But then again, coronaviruses (i.e. SARS 2002-2003, MERS 2012-2013) move through the population in two years before herd immunity builds enough for the coronavirus to disappear without any workable vaccine ever being found or administered. Summer 2021 would inevitably see the back of Covid-19 if it were managed with the normal herd-immunity approach instead of lockdowns. Contrast this reality with the one being pushed by “experts” predicting a second wave will come in the fall of 2020 and the pandemic will last two years, and calling for more lockdowns to prevent hospitals from becoming overwhelmed—the same reasoning and policies that have already collapsed our lives with nothing to show for it. Yet there is no second wave.

Viruses are Not Villains but Vital to Life

Here is a fresh look at viruses that won’t be found in the general media or in Western allopathic medicine (based on mitigating symptoms in isolation rather than holistic medicine, which finds and resolves the causes of disease). If just the following information about viruses were known, respect for and understanding of viruses and the terrain theory (versus the germ theory) would have replaced the panic and knee-jerk responses to the fear generated so that a more sensible approach could have been adopted by governments.

First of all, this may be a hard pill to swallow given that we have all been raised with the germ model of health and sickness, but it has never been proven that viruses or bacteria cause disease as they have yet to be isolated and purified sufficiently to be sure something else may not be the actual cause. If the germ model were really spot on, then one has to ask why humanity experiences so much sickness and only enjoys an average lifespan of 72 years.

Additionally, humans are thoroughly reliant on a highly diverse and plentiful microbiome and virome—bacterial and viral microorganisms—in our bodies, the soil, air, and water around us. The diversity needed to support life includes viruses (50% of the human genome is made up of 380 trillionviruses such as hepatitis, influenza and herpes, with 10% being retroviruses like HIV), bacteria (30,000 species, with 1.4 quadrillion in our bodies), fungi (5 million), and parasites (300,000 species). This diversity has been under attack from the ubiquitous presence of chemicals and toxins in our bodies, food, water, soil, and air over the last 75 years and the effects are evident in our children: In 1960, 1.8% of children in the US had chronic health conditions that limited their activities; today, that number is 54% suffering from one or more of twenty chronic health-conditions.

Science cannot match the speed with which nature/these viruses adjust to stressors in order to sustain the biodiversity upon which life, including humans, depends. For instance, industrial agriculture pours 4.5 billion pounds of antibiotics into the soil each year, requiring the microbiome take extraordinary measures to avoid extinction. Seen from this perspective, Covid-19 is working in its own way to reestablish biodiversity—assuming, of course, that this virus was not engineered in a laboratory with some other purpose, making it an unnatural virus that is not necessarily following the laws of nature.

Rather than dropping everything and declaring the virus to be an enemy that we cannot possibly beat in terms of a) skillsets as well as b) undermining the foundation of life in a self-defeating way that only humans are capable of, it would be smarter in the long-term to address the loss of biodiversity and to move away from polluting industries and products and instead create clean production methods.

This does not mean dropping the standard of living and switching entirely to renewable energy, for instance, that actually causes more pollution in its construction and/or operation and disposal than it saves in its energy generation, but smart solutions such as the Carbon Cowboys who eliminate the need for fertilizer and pesticides, handle soil erosion and run off, and reduce antibiotic use dramatically through entirely natural means that increase beef production and lower costs. There are solutions wherever we state the problem properly and apply human ingenuity to solving it. The barrier to moving forward is powerful industries holding onto their non-optimal solutions and income stream at the expense of all life, and behind that, the truth not being known and understood by every being on this planet.

Vaccines: Promising More than they Can Deliver for Patients but Delivering on the Promise Financially for Pharmaceuticals

Back to the more immediate question of Covid-19 and the push for a vaccine “before life can return to normal,” since 1976, scientists have identified 12,800 coronaviruses that have been travelling the world’s airwaves for eons, constantly mutating, infecting animals and humans and some apparently even jumping species. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is the seventh known coronavirus to impact humans; others include MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and SARS (Sudden Acute Respiratory Disease).

In all this time, nobody has ever found a vaccine for these or any other virus that works, simply because by the time they have identified a virus and created a possible vaccine, the virus has already changed. That is why flu vaccines have such poor results each year. Public health officials have to guess at least six months before the flu season starts which Type A or B influenza virus strain might be predominant so that pharmaceutical companies can manufacture the vaccines. However, even if they did score a hit, 80% of all respiratory infections are not Type A or B strains and so no flu vaccines can be effective against them.

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