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EXCLUSIVE: FDA running covert “Quack Hack” program to harass and intimidate nutrition-oriented small businesses across America

(Natural News exclusive) The FDA is running a covert program called “Quack Hack” that is designed to harass and interfere with small businesses that are engaged in nutritional products, reveals Maryam Henein of

Maryam, whose business operations have been directly sabotaged by the FDA and other parties, spoke with us in a now-published “Brighteon conversations” interview that you can see in full below.

The aim of the FDA program is to directly sabotage and “hack” nutrition-oriented businesses across America, but the operation itself is a violation of U.S. cyber crimes laws that the FDA has chosen to ignore. The FDA, in other words, is now operating as a black hat cyber hacking operation that’s working on behalf of Big Pharma to sabotage competing businesses. And it’s doing all this with taxpayer dollars.

The FDA is a criminal drug cartel and Big Pharma protection racket

Now, more than ever, the FDA is operating as a criminal drug cartel / protection racket that exploits its position of government power to target and intimidate small businesses offering nutritional solutions for health and prevention.

The FDA seems to be especially interested in targeting small businesses offering various forms of silver products, since the FDA has gone to great lengths to protect Big Pharma’s antibiotics monopolies by attempting to censor or destroy anyone who accurately describes the natural antibiotic properties of colloidal silver, ionic silver or nanoparticle silver, all of which demonstrate exhaustively documented properties of killing pathogens.

It’s all part of the FDA’s protectionism for the drug cartels. Just today, by the way, the FDA pulled its emergency approval for hydroxychloroquine, an off-patent drug that has already saved thousands of patients suffering from COVID-19 infections. The FDA, in pulling its approval for the drug, is demonstrating how it is willing to see people suffer and die in order to clear the way for high-profit vaccines and new prescription medications that enrich the pharma drug cartels.

Yes, the FDA literally wants people to die in America, and it works diligently to destroy consumers’ access to low-cost drugs or natural substances that make many drugs obsolete.

Watch the full interview with Maryam Henein here, and see her website to learn more:

Visit for more indepenedent news about the criminality and corruption of the FDA.

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