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Because the lockdowns are saving lives, ignorant “experts” claim the coronavirus is a hoax

One of the dumbest articles I’ve ever seen in my life was written by Dr. Martin Dubravec and published by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). The article, which you can read here, claims that lockdowns aren’t working to reduce Covid-19 deaths because the areas with the most strict lockdowns have the highest number of deaths. The URL of the article describes the coronavirus as a “panic hoax” that’s “anti-American.”

This is like claiming that burglar alarms cause crime because there are more burglar alarms installed in high-crime areas.

It just goes to show how the coronavirus brings out the stupid in many people who are more than willing to publicly shame themselves with stunning illiteracy in mathematics, statistics, risk analysis and basic cause and effect.

The reason the lockdowns are more aggressive in high-density cities, of course, is because the pandemic spreads more easily there. The R0 value — a number describing the multiplication factor of the spread of the virus in any given context — is much higher in large cities than in smaller towns for the simple reason that the R0 value incorporates the behavior of those impacted by the virus (it’s not an inherent property of just the virus itself, it incorporates social behavior as well). The use of public transportation in large cities allows the virus to spread more easily in those cities, justifying the more aggressive lockdowns there to stop the spread.

Less aggressive lockdowns are sufficient in more rural areas since most people drive individual, isolated cars in such areas, resulting in a natural barrier against the spread of the virus. This is why I was able to predict way back in February that the coronavirus would hit high-density cities the hardest (it wasn’t a difficult prediction).

But according to people who think like Dr. Dubravec, weed killer doesn’t work because the areas where people spray it have the most weeds.

By the same (bad) logic, mouse traps cause mouse infestations because mouse traps are found in areas with the highest infestations.

And Italy’s super high death rate was apparently caused by the lockdowns themselves, according to this delusional doctor, because the lockdown was in place when very high death rates were recorded.

It’s the worst example of horribly bad logic we’ve seen yet on this coronavirus situation, but it’s typical of what we’re seeing out of the denialists who really, really hope the virus isn’t as bad as it has turned out to be (mostly because they aren’t well prepared to handle the reality).

The fatalities comparison fallacy: No, vehicle accidents are not infectious disease

Demonstrating another classic fallacy of the pandemic denialists, Dr. Dubravec also compared Covid-19 deaths to “vehicle accident deaths,” implying that the coronavirus is no big deal because vehicular accidents kill 32,850 each year in the United States.

Surely the good doctor knows that vehicular accidents are not a communicable disease. Cars don’t infect each other with an “accident virus” that causes them to crash into other cars. The lockdowns for coronavirus are necessary only because the coronavirus spreads from person to person. And this spread follows exponential math, which apparently nobody understands in the field of journalism these days. Exponential spreads with an R0 value of just 3.0 turns a tiny number of infections into millions of infections after just a few months.

Cars don’t spread accidents in a contagion-like pattern, obviously. And any person comparing coronavirus to non-communicable deaths is either stupid or dishonest. I’ve also seen people try to compare Covid-19 deaths to abortion deaths, and they wonder why we don’t lock down society to stop abortions. Although I strongly oppose the mass murder of living human babies, abortions are not a communicable disease. Neither are heart attacks, cancer deaths, suicides or other death statistics that are being wildly thrown around by incredibly dishonest (or scientifically illiterate) people who are grasping at any number they can find to try to downplay the severity of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, now reaching nearly 2,000 deaths per day in the USA alone, the coronavirus is now the No. 1 cause of death in America. No other single cause killed more people yesterday than the coronavirus.

Without the lockdowns, millions would have been dead in America by July 4th

The faulty logic in the minds of many people who try to comment on this is that they don’t understand that without the lockdowns, the USA would have been on track for millions of deaths by July.

The lockdowns have already saved at least two million lives, according to our own pandemic projection models which originally forecast 2.16 million deaths by July 4th if nothing was done to implement social distancing. Our projections, by the way, turned out to be low, not high. For example, we were originally projecting a total of 877 deaths by today. The real number is over 14,000.

But because the lockdowns are working, critics of the lockdowns say they therefore weren’t necessary.

This is like arguing that nobody needs to wear a seat belt in their vehicle, since hardly anyone does from not wearing a seat belt these days.

It’s beyond stupid. It’s actually mentally ill.

It’s like saying that since your fire suppression system kicked in and stopped an office fire, you no longer need a fire suppression system since there was no fire.

The people making these arguments are truly delusional. And believe it or not, they’re still comparing coronavirus deaths with flu deaths, completely glossing over the fact that so far, not even 1% of the US population has been infected with the coronavirus (while nearly everybody has been infected with the flu at one time or another).

If you allow the coronavirus to infect everyone, the deaths in the USA would number in the many millions. Somehow, that simple, mathematical fact evades these “denialists” who always seem to find a bigger killer in order to claim coronavirus deaths are small by comparison.

Truly, these deniers are dangerous to society. Their lies and disinformation are getting people killed through complacency.

And the fact that the lockdowns worked to break the cycle of the exponential spread of the coronavirus is only more “proof” in the minds of the denialists that the virus was no big deal to begin with. “See?” they say. “Fewer than 100,000 people died.” They have no clue that’s because the lockdowns worked. Without the lockdowns, the number would quickly rise to millions in the USA alone.

Many doctors, lawyers and economists utterly fail the pandemic IQ test

The most fascinating thing about all this is noticing how doctors, attorneys and economics can be incredibly stupid when it comes to a pandemic. They don’t understand exponential growth, they don’t understand transmission and they don’t understand lag times between infections and deaths.

People I once trusted have turned out to be scientifically illiterate to such a degree that they embarrass themselves every time they speak.

I’ve had to cut off former friends from my own mobile phone because they turned into raging lunatics who accused me of “fear mongering” for publishing very accurate projections that have since been confirmed by real-world data.

Yes, Democrats want to seize upon this pandemic to roll out their one world government, but Republicans want to pretend it will all go away by magic, making them even more delusional than the Dems.

Honestly, I think I’m just going to hunker down, grow food, sell clean food to others and wait for the depopulation event to unfold across the globe. With the reaction to this coronavirus, the vast majority of human beings have proven they are too stupid to survive because they are incapable of modeling reality in an accurate way in their own minds. Bill Gates has already decided that the future doesn’t need billions of humans, and to my astonishment, those billions of humans have basically confirmed Gates’ view of them all as “useless eaters.”

If you’re so stupid that you think a viral pandemic can be compared to automobile accidents, you’re really too stupid to represent the future of the human race. Don’t forget to take your Dr. Fauci vaccine when it’s available, because there’s a sweet surprise in every injection that will take you to a very quite, comfortable place where your stupidity can no longer endanger the rest of humanity.

And yes, that’s the actual plan. It’s a global IQ test, and 90% of doctors, lawyers, engineers and economists will fail it.

Read if you want to survive.

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