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Many food and materials providers have stopped answering their phones: Urgent food supply podcast update from Mike Adams

For those who don’t work in the commercial food and supplements industries, you may not yet know exactly how bad the situation has become due to the Wuhan coronavirus. The supply lines are not merely stressed, many have collapsed. And as we’ve now discovered, large suppliers are no longer functioning and have stopped answering their phones.

This rapid, catastrophic shutdown of food suppliers means the grocery stores will soon be bare for many products and many regions across the country. The rapid restocking of store shelves we’ve all witnessed over the last two weeks is about to hit a brick wall. For the first time in generations, Americans are about to see empty store shelves… and soon after, perhaps bread lines reminiscent of the Great Depression.

I describe this urgent situation in an emergency podcast that focuses on collapsing food supply lines and what looks like the coming global financial reset that will wipe out quadrillions of dollars in current assets and may lead to the end of the dollar, a fiat currency that has been doomed since President Nixon de-linked it from gold.

This podcast also offers important advice on why you should start growing potatoes right now if you wish to eat in July.

I also cover how to move money out of banks and into treasuries for the short term, while we all figure out how to quickly get out of the dollar before its purchasing power collapses. This may be the end of Western finance and the end of the dollar. Then again, that shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows the history of money and fiat currencies.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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