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Carlson: How will LA, San Fran, Portland, and Seattle control the spread of coronavirus with their MASSIVE homeless populations?

(TNS) Most rational people understand that even in normal times, leaders who allow tens of thousands of people to live in squalor on the streets of their cities are irresponsibly putting citizens at risk in terms of crime and sanitation alone.

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But when you throw a good, ol’ pandemic into the mix, the potential for an unmitigated health disaster is downright likely.

As local Democratic leaders in California, Oregon, and Washington state demand that the Trump administration step up its response to the widening coronavirus outbreak, their homeless policies have led to the creation of thousands of mini-camps full of desperate people living in Petri dishes filled with feces, urine, drug needles, and trash.

In other words, conditions that more resemble those in Medieval times, when the spread of disease due to a combination of filth and close contact was rampant.

During his Fox News program Friday evening, host Tucker Carlson and Seattle-area talk radio host Jason Rantz noted that while there is no direct epidemiological link — yet — between filthy homeless conditions and the spread of coronavirus, it’s clear that such large homeless populations living closely in squalid conditions make it much easier to spread it cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

Rantz noted that the arrival of coronavirus ought to be a wake-up call for the local Democrat leaders and the citizens of these cities that their homeless policies need to change.

“I am growing increasingly concerned. The more we hear about what we need to do to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t spread seems to make sense to me because I live in a home where I have access to hand sanitizer, soap, and water. Homeless people do not,” he said.

Noting that he and Carlson talked last week about the where homelessness and the coronavirus might “intersect,” Rantz recounted an incident in Seattle a day earlier in which a homeless person diagnosed with the virus was quarantined by health officials in “an isolation sight.”

But the man wound up leaving self-quarantine, walked across the street, allegedly robbed a convenience store, then hopped a bus and disappeared.

“That is a problem,” Rantz said, noting that Democrat leaders in these cities have so far not come up with a plan about how to protect the public from infected homeless persons who may also have additional behavior health problems like depression and addiction.

“So in other words,” Carlson noted, “if you allow your society to fall apart as they have in Los Angeles and Portland and Seattle, when a crisis comes, it might collapse completely.”


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