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Chinese citizens resort to wearing feminine hygiene products, bras, fast food bags and fruit skins as makeshift MASKS against coronavirus as supply shortage worsens (PHOTOS)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The extreme scarcity of N95 masks in China has caused local residents to resort to clever, ingenious methods to craft their own face masks.

While these images may appear humorous, they actually represent a remarkable level of creative thinking and “bushcraft” skills that technically qualify as part of a legitimate survival mindset.

If you want to survive a pandemic, you need to learn how to think outside the box. These people are demonstrating how to think outside the mask!

Below, we are not mocking these people. Although visually amusing, these strategies actually serve a purpose and may help stop spread infections. They deserve credit for solving problems in creative ways:

Danger, Will Robinson!

Luke, I am your father… or perhaps your mother:

In San Francisco, we have bag ladies. In China, they have entire bag families:

Orange you impressed? This approach has special a peel.

You seriously have to admire the engineering here. I want this guy on my survival team:

For some reason, this mask smells like grandma but offers outstanding facial support:

When you absolutely, positively need soybean pods but can’t find a mask anywhere… space blanket with a tuna can!

At first, I thought it was a feedbag, then I realized it was kind of a mask. But does it smell like fried chicken?

And you thought it was only liberals who lived in their own bubble:

And why the heck not?

Must be kinda hard to see straight through the plastic corrugations, but if you bump into something, you’re wearing a helmet anyway!

And finally, for the dog lovers out there, just in case coronavirus goes canine:

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