Big Pharma planning to “vaccinate” America’s chicken supply for bird flu, unleashing a plot to END animal agriculture

At this point in time, the avian flu “crisis” is just an animal issue. It is still negatively impacting humans in the form of mass bird slaughter, which is damaging the supply chain for eggs and chicken meat, but as of yet there is not a human bird flu “pandemic” – though that could soon change.

At first it looked like maybe they would try to usher in the next COVID-like scamdemic with monkeypox. When that failed, they tried other “variants” and “subvariants” of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which also failed. Now, they appear poised to give bird flu, also known as H5N1, another try.

Over the past several years, at least 86 million birds have been killed in the United States for supposedly being infected with bird flu. Whether or not this is actually true, it has created a convenient cover for destroying a large segment of the American meat and egg supply at a time when inflation is through the roof.

It would seem as though the goal is to make bird flu transmissible to humans as well, which would turn it into another COVID whereby the powers that be will once again lock everything down, usher in new “vaccines” at warp speed, force everyone back into masks, and all the rest.

“From an animal welfare perspective, it’s viciously cruel. From a sustainable agriculture perspective, it’s senseless,” writes Alexis Baden-Mayer on her The Scamerican Century Substack page. “From a food justice perspective, it means skyrocketing food prices, more hungry people and worse food quality.”

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Save your food before it’s too late

While there is not yet a known bird flu “vaccine” in circulation, you can bet your bottom dollar there is one or five soon on the way. Once these injections get unleashed, you can pretty much count on another global public health crisis that in the end destroys animal agriculture entirely.

“We’re going to be told that the only alternative to mass killings is vaccination (and probably only risky experimental mRNA shots, at that), but animal welfare advocates, regenerative organic farmers, and vaccine safety experts know better,” Baden-Mayer says.

“Would the pharmaceutical companies be willing to create a full-blown food crisis for the opportunity to vaccinate 33 billion chickens? Probably, but there are plenty of bad actors who would see opportunities in a food crisis.”

Since the world is still in the early stages of this manufactured bird flu crisis, our hope is to get ahead of it by exposing it, that way enough people know about what is coming before it comes, that way it is much less likely to take hold and spread like a virus – and we mean the idea of bird flu spreading like a virus, just to be clear.

If enough people know that bird flu is a scam just like COVID was, it may be possible to stop this nightmare before it takes hold. And one way to help do that is to shine a light in the darkness about what the cretins in charge are up to as they seek to destroy what remains of humanity.

We can see that one of their overt goals is to eliminate all meat and replace it with fake, lab-grown “meat” that is toxic, but that fills the pockets of globalists like Bill Gates who became self-made millionaires and billionaires by destroying the lives of other people for profit.

Always, whenever possible at least, buy your food locally from trusted, non-toxic sources. Also, contact your legislators and tell them to resist any attempt, no matter the cover story, to destroy the food supply.

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