Secret documents reveal that Germany’s public health agency knew lockdowns caused more harm than good

Following a long legal battle, Germany’s public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), has released the confidential protocols showing that it was aware “lockdowns cause more harm than good” and evidence for “making masks mandatory was lacking.”

The RKI voiced concerns in 2020 that shutting down German society could lead to increased child mortality and other negative outcomes. The RKI experts also disagreed with the implementation of mask mandates for FFP2 masks, saying there was a lack of data supporting such measures as being valuable to protecting health.

“Active communication would make sense in order to make clear why the RKI does not recommend this measure,” noted the minutes regarding implementing FFP2 mask regulations. The agency even added that it would tell the public it did not support FFP2 mask regulations, but notably, the agency never did so despite mass protests against mandatory masks and other harsh measures. (Related: Dr. Phil slams the HARMFUL effects of COVID-19 lockdowns on kids.)

The 2,500 pages of documents also contain a passage noting experts warned that lockdowns could “do more harm than good,” citing lockdowns in Africa and the negative outcomes seen there, especially with “an expected rise in child mortality.”

Documents prove no scientific basis for lockdowns

The revelations come after a two-year legal battle between the RKI and German magazine Multipolar, which ultimately won a court case to get the documents published in full with minimal redactions.

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Multipolar has since launched another legal claim in an attempt to secure full access to the unredacted documents, which may conceal another treasure trove of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) policy recommendations from the RKI that the German government opted not to share with the public.

The documents revealed that German politicians dramatized the situation, contrary to the opinions of experts. This was done presumably to implement coercive measures and restrict basic rights. There are now calls to release the rest of the documents, as more than a thousand passages are still redacted, representing a third of the total text dating from meeting notes from the “crisis unit” taken between February 2020 and April 2021.

The release of the documents sent shockwaves through Germany and led even left-wing parties, such as the Greens, to call for a “comprehensive review” of COVID-19 policy. Other parties, like the Alternative for Germany, are calling for more action, including a commission investigation.

The saga now threatens to trigger a fallout in the German government, with Bundestag (parliament) Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki of the Free Democratic Party telling German media: “The protocols of the RKI crisis team, some of which have been released, raise considerable doubts as to whether the political measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic were really taken on a scientific basis.”

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck of the Greens also said a review of the coronavirus era was necessary.

“We should now initiate a phase in which we reflect on the difficult pandemic period with all its effects,” he told the newspaper Bild. Habeck added that the German government at the time had to make far-reaching decisions quickly in an unprecedented situation during the pandemic.

“Certainly mistakes were made, but it would also have been a mistake not to make a decision,” he continued. “I think we should have the courage to learn the lessons, review processes, and evaluate the impact.”

In retrospect, it is fair to ask “whether the advisory bodies for politicians really covered the diversity of perspectives in science,” said Green politician Dieter Janecek. “For example, some encroachments on fundamental rights were certainly questionable: Unvaccinated people were not allowed into restaurants or swimming pools, even though it was already clear that the vaccine did not prevent transmission. Children and young people were unduly disadvantaged.”

Watch this video reporting on the proof coming out of Germany that the lockdowns were unscientific and purely political.

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