Beets, berries and more: 6 Benefits of preserving food through freeze-drying

When you’re getting ready before SHTF, stocking up on healthy and long-lasting freeze-dried foods like berries and vegetables is an important part of your preparedness plan.

Detailed below are some of the benefits of freeze-dried food, such as a long shelf life and nutrient retention. (h/t to

Freeze-drying is a food preservation method that reduces the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the food to sublimate directly from solid to gas.

This method removes up to 98 percent of the food’s moisture content. The lack of water in the processed food makes it impossible for spoilage reactions to occur. It also greatly reduces weight and volume.

Freeze-dried ingredients are lighter and take up little space compared to canned goods, making them an ideal addition to your stockpile if storage space is an issue. (Related: Dive into the world of berry foraging: Unravel the secrets to spotting and gathering Mother Nature’s sweet treasures.)

The benefits of freeze-drying food

Freeze-dried foods are a great option for your survival stockpile.

When water is removed from fresh foods through freeze-drying, the resulting lightweight, compact foods may have an extended shelf life of up to 25 years. It’s also easy to rehydrate freeze-dried foods because you only need to add water to return them to almost their original state.

Here are some of the benefits of stockpiling freeze-dried foods:

Nutrient retention

Freeze-drying better preserves nutrients compared to other food preservation methods like canning.

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This also means that stocking up on freeze-dried foods like acai berries and kale ensures that you have access to nutritious ingredients even after SHTF.


Most freeze-dried foods retain excellent flavor and texture qualities after rehydrating, making them a great addition to your emergency food stockpile.

Long shelf life

When packaged and stored properly freeze-dried foods can last up to several years, making them a great option for a prepper’s food stockpile.


The removal of water makes freeze-dried food very lightweight and compact compared to traditional canned goods.

If you want to maximize shelf space in your pantry or stockroom, freeze-dried food is also easy to transport and store.


Kitchen staples like meats, vegetables and fruits can be freeze-dried. Versatile ingredients like freeze-dried blueberries or kale are great for adding diversity to your food supplies.


If you have a home freeze dryer, you can freeze-dry fresh foods that you grow or hunt. You can then use these ingredients to cook customized meals for your family.

Where to get quality freeze-dried products

The Health Ranger Store is committed to helping you find the best products for your survival stockpile. It offers a variety of nutritious, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables for your prepping and survival needs.

Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Acai Powder is a dark purple powder that’s full of beneficial antioxidants and healthy fats. It’s made by freeze-drying organic acai berry puree to retain maximum nutrition.

Full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Health Ranger Select Freeze-Dried Organic Whole Blueberries are the perfect health snack that you can enjoy all year round. The freeze-drying process preserves the taste, texture and nutrients of fresh blueberries better than other food preservation methods.

Groovy Bee® Organic Freeze-Dried Beet Juice Powder contains fresh, pure beets grown under strict organic standards by trusted suppliers. Because it is entirely water-soluble, our organic beet juice powder can easily be added to your favorite juices, shakes, smoothies and other beverages for a flavorful and nutritious upgrade.

The Health Ranger Store also wants you to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of fresh organic kale by bringing you clean Freeze-Dried Organic Chopped Kale in long-term storable #10 cans perfect for your survival stockpile.

Our premium chopped kale is full of various important nutrients and is carefully grown by trusted suppliers under strict organic standards. It also undergoes a freeze-drying process that preserves the original taste, texture and nutrients of our premium kale.

All Health Ranger Store freeze-dried products are vegan, non-GMO, non-China and are certified Kosher and organic. They also contain no gluten and are lab-tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology.

Visit to learn more about foods that you can add to your food stockpile. You can also check out Health Ranger Store and Brighteon Store for more clean food supplies for your prepping needs.

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of freeze-dried foods.

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