Global eugenicists pick ‘the vax’ as the ‘hill they’ll die on’: New round of butchering humanity launched to appease the genocidal psychopaths in the WHO, WEF, CDC and ‘Big Pharma’

While a big part of America is ‘awakening’ quickly to the genocide unleashed upon the country and the world by the COVID-19 bioweapon ‘death shots’ some are still calling ‘vaccines,‘ as this new story over at Zero Hedge reports, America’s so-called ‘best and brightest’ are refusing to acknowledge ‘reality,’ with ZH reporting Harvard University is among at least 69 colleges and universities across America renewing their COVID-19 vaccine mandates for their upcoming semesters.

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With Harvard U putting out a statement that read “Harvard requires all students who will be on campus to have some protection from COVID-19 through vaccination through the initial primary series of COVID-19 vaccination or one of the most recent COVID-19 boosters,” that once-esteemed university, which thrived upon their research, has joined the ranks of the ‘woke’ and ‘fallen,’ while quite literally putting the lives of their students at risk, to appease the genocidal psychopaths in Washington DC, the World Health Organization and ‘big pharma’. 

Because with the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ offering no ‘protection’ what-so-ever to those who’ve gotten the shots as seen in the countless numbers of ‘injected’ who still caught COVID soon after their injections, we can see in this latest madness coming from America’s ‘top universities’ that they are more than happy to ‘bend over’ for ‘global government’ and push ‘the line’ of the World Health Organization and endorse their ‘pandemic treaty’ in which they seek to gain complete control over everything.

With the WHO hoping their ‘pandemic treaty‘ is finalized by May of 2024 according to this report by the World Economic Forum, a treaty that they hope will give them ‘total control’ over how member countries deal with the ‘next pandemic,’ including what rules and lockdowns and ‘vaccines’ people of those member countries are required to follow and inject into their bodies, as we’d warned on ANP back on January 24ththis is how the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty is being used by the globalists to establish a planetary dictatorship that will be used to control every facet of our lives.

And as we see by what’s now happening at Harvard University and at least 69 other universities, despite the proven risks of that COVID injection and the countless deaths we’ve been witnessing since this ‘vax rollout’ began, including the staggering numbers of ‘turbo cancers’ we’re still witnessing developing exploding worldwide, America’s ‘top universities’ are putting a global government medical dictatorship ahead of the health and well-being of their own students, another sign of where we’re all being herded in the days ahead.

And with the WEF, WHO, CDC and all of the globalist buffoons now heavily pushing the arrival of ‘Disease X‘ to frighten ‘the masses‘ into pushing their own governments to take part in this ‘pandemic treaty,’ and most of those ‘frightened masses’ being totally unaware of what the treaty will be used for, this new drive to get government’s around the world to take part in that ‘pandemic treaty‘ also comes at a time when less and less Americans and people around the world are getting ‘vaxxed’.

As reported in this January 16th story over at Science Alert titled “Vaccination Rates in The US Could Be Close to a Dangerous Tipping Point,” that story had reported “Experts from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US are warning that the country is close to a vaccination tipping point: a point where there aren’t enough vaccinated people to protect the unvaccinated, leading to deaths that would otherwise have been prevented.”

Yet as we’ve seen over and over and over again over the last few years, the ‘injection’ they’re pushing as a ‘vaccine,’ but that Dr. Paul Alexander has warned is really a ‘slow kill bioweapon,’ hasn’t offered ANY ‘protection’ to ‘the vaccinated’ but is slowly but surely killing off the recipients as far too many are developing ‘turbo cancers’ and falling ill with ‘the disease’ the ‘vax’ was allegedly created to protect them from.

And as Ethan Huff warns us all in this new story at Natural News, now Bill Gates and the globalists are pushing ‘patches’ instead of ‘injections’ as ‘the answer,’ hoping that the people who’ll no longer allow medical authorities to ‘stick them’ in their arms will instead willingly line up to have a ‘patch’ applied to their skin.

Straight from the mouth of Bill Gates from this January story over at Newsweek titled “Bill Gates Reveals Plan to Change Vaccines” despite the well known fact that Bill Gates is NOT a doctor.:

Billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently spoke about new plans to change the way vaccines are administered, created and distributed around the globe

While appearing on CNBC TV18 in India, Gates was asked how he sees vaccine manufacturing around the globe amid different tech and health care advancements. 

“We make sure, for all these vaccines, that there’s enough capacity, that there’s competition so the prices keep going down,” Gates said. “And we will have new vaccines. We’ll have a TB [tuberculosis] vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine.” 

As Gates continued, he spoke about the COVID-19 vaccine and explained ways it could change. 

“We need to make them have longer duration, more coverage,” he said. “And we’re gonna change, instead of using a needle, to use a little patch.”

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