SHOT DEAD movie interview! Brian Festa and Teryn Gregson from We The Patriots USA

SHOT DEAD movie interview – Brian Festa and Teryn Gregson from We The Patriots USA

Auto-generated summary and highlights

Vaccine documentary “Shot Dead” and its impact.

Taryn Gregson discusses new film “Shot Dead” about vaccines, making waves and opening eyes.

COVID vaccine safety for children and propaganda.

  • Gregson highlights the unfortunate subject matter of COVID vaccine injuries and deaths, particularly among children, and the need to focus on parents who have lost their children to the shots.
  • Adams challenges the need to vaccinate children with COVID vaccines, citing that the risk of COVID to children was almost nothing and that the vaccine push is rooted in propaganda rather than legitimate science.
  • Gregson argues that vaccine safety has been compromised due to lack of long-term clinical trials, and cites the example of Kristen Martin, an 18-year-old who died after receiving a vaccine despite propaganda promoting their safety.
  • Highlights how the RSV vaccine was approved despite excluding pregnant women from clinical trials, and how this new vaccine was quickly added to the childhood vaccination schedule without proper testing.

COVID-19 documentary and vaccine injuries.

  • Brian Festa and We the Patriots USA were involved in the film and funding of the documentary about the real-life fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The film focuses on the families of children who died from COVID vaccines, with interviews in their homes and at grave sites to tell their stories.
  • The filmmakers, Teryn and Jason Kubrick, were connected to the project through their shared experience of losing their jobs due to COVID mandates, and they worked with Avery Kubrick on the editing.

COVID-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, motivations of industry players.

  • Parents of vaccine injury victims allege cover-up by medical industry leaders for financial gain.
  • Dr. Thorpe, an OB GYN, discusses how the American College of OB GYN received millions of dollars in grant money tied to government verbiage, leading to propaganda and manipulation of pregnant women regarding COVID shots.
  • The transcript highlights the suffering of families subjected to greed and manipulation, with 25 of 32 pregnant women experiencing miscarriages or stillbirths in Pfizer’s initial 90-day study.

Depopulation agenda, vaccines, and spiritual battle.

  • There is a globalist depopulation agenda, with the pharmaceutical industry earning $1.42 trillion in 2021 as an incentive to reduce the world population.
  • Speaker 3 cites history, including the Roman Empire and earlier periods, to argue that leaders have committed mass genocide, and they will continue to do so.
  • Speaker 2: “The underlying factor in all of it is a spiritual battle between good and evil.”

Legal victories and ongoing cases related to COVID-19 and medical freedom.

  • We the Patriots USA discusses legal action against COVID measures and promotes self-sufficiency.
  • Festa discusses legal victories and ongoing cases with Patriots USA, including a medical kidnapping case in Missouri that was largely driven by supporter involvement.
  • Believes YouTube’s ban on their video is part of a larger agenda to control the population, citing depopulation and the desire to take away people’s right to defend themselves.
  • Discusses a victory in getting a family’s children back from foster care after they were placed there due to using chlorine dioxide, and an ongoing case at the 10th circuit and potential Supreme Court appeal for medical freedom.
  • Patriots USA is seeking support for their work through donations before the end of the year, with the option to donate anonymously or through a donor advised fund.

COVID-19 vaccine injuries and censorship.

  • New York Supreme Court reinstates government power to quarantine people against their will.
  • Parents share stories of children medically kidnapped and injured in hospitals during COVID-19.
  • Teryn Gregson and We the Patriots USA are raising money for a litigation fund to go against Pfizer, with the help of Steve Kirsch and his team.
  • The full transcript of the film is not yet available, but individuals can listen to individual interviews with parents, doctors, and whistleblowers on Gregson’s podcast “Faithful Freedom.”

COVID-19 vaccine injuries and censorship.

  • Adams recommends sharing the film’s transcript on various platforms, including Twitter and Brighteon, to reach a wider audience.
  • Speaker 2 encourages listeners to share the film with others, provide support and encouragement to families featured in the film who are facing backlash on social media for speaking out about their experiences.
  • Speaker 2 encourages viewers to watch the film to the end, despite the emotional toll, to learn about the broader issue of childhood vaccinations.
  • Speaker 3 responds to criticism from social media users who dismiss the idea that vaccines could be harmful, highlighting the importance of considering alternative perspectives and saving lives.



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