Dr. Bryan Ardis: NICOTINE can “CURE brain tumors”

Texas-based chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis argued that nicotine can cure glioblastoma, a form of brain tumor.

He made these claims during a backstage discussion with David and Stacy Whited, the hosts of the “Flyover Conservative” podcast, at the Miami leg of Clay Clark’s 2023 ReAwaken America Tour. Ardis cited one study that found 36 different animal venoms in patients infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“During this [COVID-19] pandemic, they’re taking the exact same venoms, injecting them into mammals and seeing what they do inside of the patients,” he told the Whiteds. “They’ve actually published last year that they can take cone snail and king cobra venoms and inject them into mammals.”

Ardis added that these venoms cross the blood-brain barrier and within 72 hours, they bind to specific receptors in the brain stem of mammals. This leads to the development of glioblastoma, which is the most diagnosed brain tumor for the last 20 years.

However, the host of “The Dr. Ardis Show” on Brighteon.TV said the study authors did not disclose the tumor-fighting effects of nicotine in their paper’s summary.

“They then tested to see if nicotine at less than one microliter per milliliter (uL/mL) of blood would actually have any effect. In the summary, it says at that dose, it had zero effect. But the very next sentence is they upped it to one uL/mL of blood and they showed the electron microscope images. The brain tumor is completely obliterated in 72 hours, but they don’t even publish it in the summary.”


Ardis added that aside from glioblastoma, nicotine is also being studied for its potential against Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Scientists had also been injecting animal venoms that target the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas in mammals, causing T1D. Administering nicotine also reversed the disease within 72 hours.

Moreover, the Texas-based chiropractor said nicotine is also used to reverse the effects of Parkinson’s disease and counteract the venoms present in COVID-19 patients. (Related: Dr. Bryan Ardis tells Bob The Plumber: Early COVID treatment protocols are more effective with NICOTINE.)

Ardis: Even VEGGIES contain nicotine

Mainstream medical sites have defined nicotine as a highly addictive substance found in all tobacco products and some e-cigarette liquids. However, Ardis contradicted this claim during his speech at the tour.

“They lied to you about nicotine,” he said. “Just so you know, Harvard University determined in 2015 that nicotine and tobacco products are not addictive. The tobacco industry figured out how to add chemicals called pyrazines to nicotine and finally make it addictive.”

True enough, researchers from Harvard noted the effects of these tobacco additives in a study published in Tobacco Control. They wrote: “Pyrazines appear to increase product appeal and make it easier for non-smokers to initiate smoking; more difficult for current smokers to quit; much easier for former smokers to relapse into smoking and may mask the risks of both active and passive smoking.”

Ardis also told the Whiteds that nicotine is present in various vegetables. These vegetables include potatoes, celery, cauliflower, eggplant, green tomatoes, zucchini and squash. He noted that God would have not created the vegetables with nicotine if it is really bad.

If nicotine is addictive, how many people have been addicted to celery? Can’t go to bed and need to take a celery break at work to go eat celery? How many people are addicted to cauliflower? Zero.”

Watch the full episode of the “Flyover Conservatives” podcast with David and Stacy Whited featuring Dr. Bryan Ardis below.

This video is from Katy Odin’s channel on Brighteon.com.

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