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SGT Report: Evidence of using vaccines for mass murder undeniable

The SGT Report finds new evidence of premeditated mass murder via experimental mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, and it presented facts that can no longer be ignored in its January 6 episode.

“You’ve sold us out to globalism. You are working for your globalist partners. I wonder how much they’re paying you to betray Canada,” a woman accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a video taken from a 2019 town hall in Regina.

The video resurfaced in light of Canada’s vaccination mandates as more evidence surfaced of the vaccines being created for mass murder

In this episode, the hosts discuss presentations by former Pfizer scientist Mike Yeadon, citing how different batches of the vaccine have different formulas in order for the company to have an “experiment within an experiment” to “try out what kind of dosage is needed in order to do this and what it looks like in order to kill people.”

New information also showed that there had been 950 different batches of vaccines, and the baseline is that normally, nothing happens. But in some batches, there is toxicity about 3,000 times more than the baseline, like the companies are trying to find out the doses of the effect of something depending on how many people die. The numbers are usually dependent on the different batches; however, the data Yeadon pulled is only from Pfizer. There are different structures with others such as Johnson & Johnson, which had a horrible accumulation of cases in certain batches.

The bottom line is that there are some batches that, at least on their surface, appear to be harmless, so according to Mike Yeadon, there is a one in 200 chance that a person is going to run into one of the dangerous batches. (Related: The globalists are preparing for mass murder in the weeks ahead.)


However, despite seeming like a game of Russian roulette, it is not so: it’s a trial, so it is planned. All the batches are sent somewhere and they are supposed to be used and all registered. At times they are equally transported over the use of an entire state and sometimes there’s a local spot. The pharmaceutical companies take turns; they have different ideas on what they could try out in the trials, and all doctors think they are giving the same types of vaccines for everyone, but they are not. They have been misused for a big trial with no ethics committee, leaving people as the victims.

Specific batches with lethal outcomes

Adverse events are not occurring randomly in batches or lots of vaccines made by any given manufacturer. Evidence from Yeadon showed that only five to ten percent of batches or lots are associated with almost all the deaths connected with the COVID vaccines.

Given the tight requirements of consistency that are necessary for deploying medical products, it is absolutely impossible for these fatalities to be coincidental.

Analysts have discovered that there are only four to five different sets of batches or lots of the Pfizer vaccine deployed in the U.S. that showed Dose Range Finding effects, which are necessary to figure out lethal outcomes. There is also a “quiet period” between these lethal batches, the purpose of which is to establish a baseline for the effects of the vaccines.

All three big pharma companies, namely, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, are doing similar, sinister studies and are operating in such as way so that they will not run over each other.

Various reports through November 26, 2021 showed that there had been 19,532 deaths, 99,943 hospitalizations, 102,000 urgent care visits, 145,000 doctor’s office visits, 300 anaphylaxis reactions and 11,636 cases of Bell’s Palsy. These numbers don’t even cover pericarditis and myocarditis, which are among the most common adverse effects of the vaccines. Finally, there is also the issue regarding the vaccine’s safety for pregnant women, as there had been at least 2,508 miscarriages that occurred as a result of the experimental vaccines. (Related: Former Pfizer VP warns booster shot is an extermination weapon to mass murder human beings.)

All these are data that would hold up in a court of law and all those who continue to perpetuate the lie that the experimental vaccine is both safe and effective are now guilty and culpable of perpetuating the lie to depopulate a large percentage of the population.

Watch the full January 6 episode of “SGT Report” below:

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