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Dr. Ardis Show: Oregon pediatrician reveals the truth about unvaccinated children

Oregon pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas said unvaccinated kids were doing so much better when it came to chronic diseases during the Dec. 22 episode of the “Dr. Ardis Show” with Dr. Bryan Ardis on Brighteon.TV.

Thomas, who grew up in Africa but graduated from Dartmouth Medical School to become a pediatrician in 1985, said he became aware of what he called a tsunami of chronic illnesses for kids in the U.S. in the early 2000s.

“When I was growing up as a kid in Africa, there were none of those conditions. I mean, literally, I knew one kid with an inhaler. That’s it, we had measles, mumps, rubella, and chickenpox,” said Thomas, who started to dig deeper into the problem using data after one of his patients suffered from autism in 2007.

“So something was going on, it had to be something we were doing. Because I mean, it could have been the environment, or it was something we doctors were doing.”

Thomas told Ardis that he opened his own practice in 2008 calling it integrated pediatrics where parents get to decide whether they need to allow vaccination for their children.

“We’ve had generally 15,000 plus patients at any given time. And in 2015 I got an IRB Institutional Review Board approval to look at my data. It was pretty impressive. My unvaccinated kids were just doing so much better when it came to chronic disease. I couldn’t get it published,” he added.

Despite having his license suspended by the Oregon Medical Board for standing firmly to protect children and educating them on the dangers of vaccination, Thomas was still able to write peer-reviewed literature.


“It’s a different way to think about vaccines, folks, you should look at each one individually consider it for your child. This was not an anti-vax book, it was not a pro-vax book. It was just my attempt at that point. Time to say we need to think about what we’re doing,” Thomas explained.

While saying that he’s under a gag order and cannot share the bogus complaints that he’s receiving regularly, Thomas pulled all the data of over 3,000 children into his practice over a 10-year period and over 500 of them were unvaccinated.

“Mind you, the vaccinated kids in this study, were vaccine-friendly plan vaccinated. They weren’t CDC schedule vaccinated,” said Thomas, who added that a pediatrician-monologist followed the data.

“I told him, I’m just after the data but he jumped out of his cubicle after noticing that my unvaccinated patients just don’t get sick,” Thomas said.

The result was published in November 2020 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (Related: STUDY: Vaccinated children “significantly less healthy” than unvaccinated children.)

Ardis asked whether some of the vaccines are safe and effective for use in children.

COVID mRNA vaccine most dangerous

“There are some that are safer than others, or some that are more dangerous than others. The most dangerous thing that’s come onto the market that should not be called vaccine is  COVID mRNA, gene manipulation shot. I don’t even want to call it gene therapy, because you’re not treating anything. You are injecting messenger RNA that’s directing your cells to make spike protein, which is very dangerous to your health.”

Thomas said the COVID vaccine has no benefit. “I mean, literally, in the very, very elderly, maybe for a few months, they’re getting a slight benefit, and then the benefits lost and you’re in worse shape than you were before. So that is an example of a disaster of what they’re calling a vaccine.”

He recalled that one of his patients got the COVID vaccine and ended up hospitalized for myocarditis, which was the first in his 35 years of practice. (Related: Pfizer buys pharmaceutical company that makes heart medication to solve the problem caused by mRNA vaccines.)

“Children are at zero, you can basically say zero risk of death from COVID. The disease itself. It’s like a cold. It’s like mild flu. And that’s certainly been the experience of my practice,” stressed Thomas.

“You don’t need to rush your kid in to get a vaccine that carries such incredible risk from actual death.” (Related:‘Unnecessary, misleading, catastrophic’: Senior European physicians co-author expert statement on COVID vaccine for children.)

Watch the full Dec. 21 episode of “The Dr. Ardis Show” below.

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