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Dr. Robert Malone warns of “mass formation psychosis” amid COVID pandemic

American scientist Dr. Robert Malone warned of “mass formation psychosis” affecting the population amid the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to Malone, the idea of mass formation psychosis came from psychologist and statistician Matthias Desmet of Belgium’s Ghent University. “When [Desmet] says mass formation [psychosis], you can think of this as equivalent to [a] crowd. So it’s crowd psychosis. With mass formation psychosis, this is like hypnosis – it really is hypnosis.”

Malone noted that the German people’s apathy toward the Holocaust during the Nazi period is a perfect example of mass formation psychosis.

“How can, for instance, the German people, who are highly educated [and] very liberal in the classic sense, Western-thinking people go so crazy that they were doing what they did to the Jews? How could this happen to a civilized people?” Malone asked. “This is a fundamental problem that people have, and this is the explanation for that. It has been a major focus of academic inquiry for decades in Europe.”

The inventor of mRNA vaccine technology said that in order for mass formation psychosis to happen, a set of preconditions must be in place. An atomized population with no social bonds that only identify through separate tribes, coupled with free-floating anxiety and discontent, makes for a fertile environment to sow the seeds of mass hypnosis.

“We’re no longer connected to each other. [There’s this] sense of free-floating anxiety [where] things don’t make sense – and we also have free-floating discontent, that thing’s aren’t right. What’s happening in the world, it just seems to be overwhelming.”


Malone continued: “Think about what happened when the virus broke out. [The] world obsessed over this virus. Suddenly, every software person in the world was an expert on molecular virology and epidemiology.

“We all suddenly became obsessive experts spending all our time on the media trying to figure out what the heck is going on because it didn’t make sense.

“When these conditions happen, and then the entire population gets focused on one thing – it forms something akin to hypnosis where … they’re totally obsessed with that one thing. Once that happens, people lose their ability to have rational thought and judgment.” (Related: Nurse whistleblower says true outbreak gripping the nation is not the coronavirus, but the “pandemic of fear” – Brighteon.TV.)

Mass psychosis paves the way for totalitarianism

The mRNA inventor pointed out two key things about mass formation psychosis that pave the way for totalitarianism.

First, authority figures take advantage of the moment to rise to power. Malone said: “Everybody gets focused … and then leaders step in [and] seize this moment. When they’re identified … or promoted as leaders – the crowd can see no evil, hear no evil [and] speak no evil. Those leaders can say anything, it does not have to be true, and the crowd will believe it.”

Second, dissenting voices are persecuted and propped up as the common enemy. “Anybody who says something that is contrary to the narrative must be attacked. These situations must have a common enemy; [the latter was] always used to drive fear into the crowd. So this crowd now that’s formed has central leaders that are lying to them all the time,” Malone said.

“Even if you weren’t obsessed, you had all this fear porn coming at us all the time, 24/7, through every channel. Was this intentional or was it just selling clicks? There’s a lot of signs that there was an intention component here. We’re sitting in a situation in which we have been actively managed, psychologically, by some entity that has financial benefits or power to gain from doing this.”

He continued: “As you can see, there’s now a world in which people have been hypnotized in this way. You can tell them until you’re blue in the face what the data [and] the facts are – it doesn’t matter. They are hypnotized. This has happened all over the world. It is the consequence of all this censorship and propaganda that we’ve been subjected to.”

Dissenting voices destroy the mass trance

According to Malone, Desmet had a rather grim view of the future. The psychologist told him that mass psychosis has developed to a point where global totalitarianism is unavoidable.

Despite this grim projection, Malone said there is still a chance to push back.

“We have to continue to try to provide accurate information. We can substitute the fear of the virus which is irrational for a greater threat. We can break through to people if we help them to understand that what we’re seeing is a coordinated global focus on deploying a global totalitarian solution. Totalitarianism is a bigger boogeyman than the viruses by far,” he said. (Related: Globalists celebrate whistleblowers when it suits them but coronavirus pandemic whistleblowers are smeared, censored, and labeled “fear mongers”.)

“You can break this confusion in their mind if you give them something that’s even a greater concern, which is loss of their freedom. When you make it clear to people that they’re on the threshold of losing their rights, they get activated.”

Desmet himself expressed the need to speak out during a prior interview. “In my opinion, the most important thing for people to do is to continue to speak out – even if it’s just to say that you don’t agree with the mainstream narrative,” Desmet said.

“Mass formation is provoked by the specific voice it’s gotten used to. Totalitarian leaders know this very well: They start every new day with thirty minutes of propaganda, in which the voice of the leader constantly penetrates the consciousness of the population. So without mass media and without the ability to confront people, time and time again, with the voices of the leaders, no mass formation could continue. The opposite of this is also true: if other voices are available in the public space, then the mass hypnosis will be disturbed.” has more articles about mass formation psychosis affecting the population during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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