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Michigan town discovers the fluoride used in drinking water comes from China and contains questionable chemicals

The village of Lexington in Michigan discovered that fluoride from China was added to its water supply. Water utility companies commonly added fluoride in drinking water to help reduce tooth decay. However, Lexington residents expressed concern that the communist country is adding other toxic chemicals to the fluoride in order to poison the town’s water supply.

The discovery made a number of Lexington residents upset. Restaurant owner Steve Stencel said: “It’s not good at all, buying our drinking water treatment chemicals from a communist nation that is our enemy. I am surprised that any municipality would buy fluoride for its drinking water from China. Our country needs to know this is happening.”

Meanwhile, an apparel store owner in the village said he initially had no idea of China’s involvement in the town’s water supply. The store owner expressed concern when he learned of the fact. “It’s scary. I can’t help but think of the ‘What if?’,” he said.

Residential real estate developer Doug Varty said he was not comfortable with the use of Chinese-made fluoride in drinking water. His new subdivision being serviced by water from Lexington’s water treatment plan only added to his worries. Varty said: “Surely, we have American products they can use. Buying American is the way to solve the problem. If they have an alternative, they should buy it.”

Lexington’s water plant is responsible for supplying drinking water to under 3,000 customers in the village and several neighboring communities. Lexington uses a granular form of fluoride, while neighboring Port Huron uses powdered fluoride for treating its drinking water. According to Lexington Village Utilities Director Chris Heiden, the water treatment plant has used Chinese fluoride for years without any problems.


Heiden’s remarks were confirmed by a former employee who revealed: “While I was working there, I saw the Chinese fluoride in 50-pound plastic bags stacked on the floor. I was surprised and appalled.” Another employee, this time from the Port Huron water plant, said the city had been using powdered fluoride for its water supply. However, the unreliable Chinese supply chain forced Port Huron to source its fluoride from a Belgian company. (Related: Is your area’s water supply prone to fluoride hacking?)

Drinking water fluoridation a possible means of attacking the U.S.

Author and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) expert Jeff Nyquist said fluoride in drinking water is definitely a “potential attack vector” for Beijing. However, he added that the risk of getting caught in the act is holding back the Chinese government from doing so. Nyquist said: “If the Chinese government says, ‘Oh, you make fluoride there for the water for the Americans? Hey, we’ve got an extra little secret sauce for your American fluoride’ … that is certainly possible.” (Related: Chemical manufacturer nearly poisons water supply of Michigan town.)

Stencel also agreed with Nyquist’s sentiments, sharing one instance in his previous career. Before he became a restaurateur, he once demonstrated a strength-testing machine to a truck equipment supplier in the Detroit area. “The supposedly inspected and certified Chinese-made grappling hooks we tested failed before they reached half of the stress load they were certified for. That could kill someone. I can’t trust what’s coming from China,” Stencel said.

Whether the fluoride came from China or elsewhere, drinking fluorinated drinking water is tantamount to drinking poison itself. According to the World Health Organization, drinking excessive amounts of water with fluoride gives rise to a disease called fluorosis. Those affected by dental fluorosis have stained and pitted teeth, with their teeth enamel showing signs of severe damage.

Skeletal fluorosis is caused by excessive fluoride from drinking water accumulating in the bones for many years. Early signs of skeletal fluorosis include joint pain and stiffness. Those affected by severe skeletal fluorosis experience changes in their bone structure. Furthermore, their ligaments may calcify and harden – resulting in pain and muscle weakness.

Some local officials in the U.S. moved quickly to address the issue. Worth Township Supervisor Walt Badgerow recently passed a resolution that banned the township government from buying Chinese products if there is an alternative. His resolution carried a significant weight given that the township buys its drinking water from the Lexington water treatment plant.

Badgerow said: “From the moment I learned of the use of Chinese-made fluoride by the Lexington water plant, I was appalled. In light of the CCP’s track record of foisting tainted pet food on our country … I am very wary of [its] quality control. I won’t drink water with Chinese chemicals in it.” He made reference to China’s melamine-tainted pet food scandal in 2007, which saw many products recalled following the death of a number of pets. has more articles about how Chinese products threaten U.S. national security.

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