Obama, Biden helped corrupt CCP-linked coronavirus testing firm come to the U.S.

During their occupation of the White House, Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave the green light to a Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-linked corporation to establish a presence in the United States where it is now trying to peddle Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) testing kits on Americans.

The Obama administration granted BGI Genomics, which acquired California-based Complete Genomics, approval through its Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS) to set up shop on American soil. Since that time, the company began manufacturing COVID-19 testing kits that the Department of State, along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), has banned from being used.

Seen as highly controversial, the 2012 deal created a national security threat because it allowed a Chinese company linked to the communist Chinese regime to access the genetic data of millions of Americans.

“Any company in China – public or private – can be requisitioned by the Chinese Communist Party to ‘support, assist, and cooperate with state intelligence work,'” writes Natalie Winters for The National Pulse about this act of treason by the Obama administration.

As it turns out, BGI Genomics had received multiple government loans from the communist Chinese regime to begin developing COVID-19 testing kits. The company also collaborates with Huawei, the Chinese tech firm that President Trump banned from installing 5G technology in the U.S.

Canada, however, under the leadership of Justin Trudeau, has partnered with Huawei as part of its nationwide 5G rollout.

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Obama, Biden committed treason by allowing communist Chinese company access to Americans’ genetics

Another partner of BGI Genomics is the Genebank program, which is described as a collection of DNA sequences that has been “approved and funded by the Chinese government.”

What appears to have been the plan is that BGI Genomics, under the guise of the pandemic, would use COVID-19 testing kits to extract the DNA sequences of Americans. This was made possible by Obama and Biden’s CFIUS approval of the company’s operations in the U.S.

Trump, however, has halted the program and restricted BGI Genomics COVID-19 testing kits from being used anywhere in the country. The State Department and DHS have both warned authorities in Nevada, for instance, to not use any of the 250,000 testing kits that were “donated” by the company because of the threat to Americans’ privacy.

Documents obtained by the Associated Press “illustrate how the U.S. government actively – if quietly – tried to keep the state out of a project involving the Chinese firm BGI Group.”

These warnings “led the office of Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak in April to direct a Nevada hospital not to use any of the donated 250,000 test kits as officials turned down an offered laboratory deal.”

This same report added that multiple U.S. intelligence agencies have warned that foreign powers such as China could exploits any samples taken in order to harvest the medical history, illnesses or even unique genetic traits and characteristics of whomever is tested.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has also warned that BGI specifically has “ties to the Chinese government,” which raises some major red flags about how the communist regime might use the DNA of the Americans from whom COVID-19 samples are collected.

Besides barring the use of BGI Genomics COVID-19 testing kits in the U.S., the Trump administration is also taking steps to blacklist various subsidiaries of the company, which in communist China are using genetic-based surveillance systems to repress minority groups like the Uyghur Muslim community, which in China is forced into concentration camps for medical experimentation, organ harvesting and “reeducation.”

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