Millions of American Jews have no idea that most vaccines are NOT Kosher

Kosher foods and medicines must conform to specific Jewish regulations of Kashrut (dietary laws) derived from two books of the old testament. Any foods or medicines that are not in accordance with Kosher law are termed “treif” or treyf, meaning “torn,” or that it has been adulterated (think anything genetically modified). The Torah (the original five books of the bible) specifically forbids mixing meat and dairy products together, even if there is some proven benefit to it. So now, you’re probably asking yourself, how does this pertain to vaccines.

Since most Americans are quite ignorant about the insane ingredients that are concocted in laboratories to manufacture vaccines of all kinds, you might not think any meat gets mixed with any dairy, but think again.

Many vaccines combine animal proteins (think bovine, porcine, chicken embryos here) with casein – a milk derivative found in the vaccines for cholera, typhoid and DtaP), and almost every vaccine now contains genetically modified organisms, manipulated strains of live viruses, gelatin (boiled down animal parts not used for meat, including swine), and none of this would qualify as “Kosher,” if anyone ever even thought about asking and thus “qualifying” immunizations, for that matter. By the way, eating pigs or injecting porcine cells is not Kosher at all, ever, so there’s that.

Orthodox Jews should know that most vaccines are FAR from being Kosher, or safe, or even effective

Modern standard Orthodox, or strict religious traditional practice, classifies food and medicine into categories of meat, dairy, or “parev” (meaning neither or neutral). According to Jewish law (Halakha) dating back over 2,000 years, the flesh of all domestic mammals (behemoth), including birds, is considered meat. This includes dogs, pigs, cows, chickens, eagles and monkeys – all of which are used to formulate vaccines, as confirmed by the CDC themselves.


All Jewish people keeping kosher know to avoid mixing meat with milk at any given meal. This means being ultra-careful and not even using the same dishware, silverware or butcher knives for meat as dairy.

Most people also have no idea that casein is also the slowest digesting form of dairy, adding to health issues. Mix that with genetically modified animal proteins and you create digestive nightmares for children, deteriorating their good gut bacteria (flora), leading to chronic health issues like autism, IBS and leaky gut syndrome. The fact is, thousands of orthodox and conservative Jews would think twice about vaccines if they knew they weren’t Kosher. Yeah, and it gets worse.

According to Jewish tradition, guarding your health is an obligation or “Mitzvah” – meaning commanded by God

Americans are caught up in immediate gratification, and most of the time that means eating anything they want whenever they want, and as often as they want. That’s why every other American is overweight, and every third American is obese, by definition. What’s worse is that hardly anybody considers medicine to be harmful, adulterated, or dangerous, because the AMA, CDC and FDA have worked diligently for 100 years to keep the wool pulled over everyone’s eyes.

What if your religion demanded that you check all ingredients on every medication and vaccine before ingesting or injecting? Wouldn’t that just make sense? Some say the body is the temple of the soul. It should be your obligation to inspect anything that goes on or in the body, whether you’re Jewish or not, especially in regards to protecting your children.

The Torah teaches that our body is actually a Gift from God, meaning we are not the “owners” of it so we definitely should not inflict damage. In fact, when a plague, pandemic or epidemic starts spreading in a city, a seasoned Rabbi will tell you to flee that city with your children immediately to get out of harm’s way.

This is why most Orthodox Jews, if they knew the truth about vaccines, would avoid them like the plague. Not just because it’s not Kosher, but because the vaccine industry has paid out over $4 billion in damages to families across America, and mostly due to the influenza vaccine, a.k.a. the “flu shot.”

You see, fleeing a city doesn’t carry any real risk, and neither does utilizing Kosher, organic natural medicines that build immunity, like medicinal mushrooms, turmeric with curcumin, garlic, cinnamon, licorice root and colloidal silver.

Did you know that simple antibody blood tests, called a titer, could ELIMINATE the need for most vaccines, but doctors are told by the CDC not to administer them just so they can sell more vaccines? Tune in to for updates on how to build your immune system and avoid non-Kosher, neurotoxic vaccines.

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