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BREAKING: Tech giants to censor all healthy living content that promotes nutrition, organics, clean water, clean vaccines or anti-cancer foods

Over a month ago, I was contacted by a source who warned me that Natural News would be targeted for system-wide de-platforming. On Saturday, Facebook completely deleted the Natural News channel, citing nothing at all. Natural News did not violate any “community standards” or Facebook rules; the tech giant simply wanted us to be silenced and annihilated, so they flipped the switch and deleted Natural News and our nearly 3 million followers.

But that’s just the beginning of what’s being launched as a far-reaching censorship campaign against natural health information on the web. According to that same source who warned me about the impending censorship action against us, Big Tech is going to start censoring information about anti-cancer foods, organics vs. pesticides, glyphosate herbicides and anything that’s critical of GMOs, vaccines or Big Pharma.

Similarly, all content that discusses geoengineering, weather control, dangers of chemotherapy, fluoride or aspartame will also be censored. The internet is about to be almost completely gutted of truth, with all future content to be controlled by chemical corporations and pharmaceutical giants that spread lies and disinformation to keep selling their toxic products to the world.

Wikipedia has already been completely overtaken by the chemical poisoners, and all the various “fact check” organizations are already run by corporate interests. Soon, a “fact” will be whatever Merck, Bayer or DuPont claims it is. Real science be damned. All dissenting views that threaten corporate profits will be instantly labeled “fake news,” even if they’re completely true.

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If you currently have a video channel on YouTube that discusses anything concerning nutrition, natural health, disease prevention, raw foods or superfoods, you will be banned. Move your videos over to as soon as possible, since we’ll be syndicating all health-oriented videos from Brighteon to several new topic-focused video websites to be announced soon.

The internet cleansing has begun… and all human knowledge that challenges the corporate monopolies will be scrubbed and erased from history

YouTube has already begun scrubbing historical documentaries as part of its accelerated purge. Facebook is going to start taking down all anti-cancer food channels, and diabetes will be next. MailChimp just started banning all vaccine safety email lists today, blocking any senders from distributing emails that are critical of vaccine safety. is about to dump all small brand nutritional supplements and replace them all with synthetic, toxic vitamin products made by Big Pharma subsidiaries.

The great purge of natural health content is here. Natural News being banned was just the beginning. You will be next. The radical, fascist left-wing techno-tyrants are now 100% opposed to clean food, clean water, nutrition and natural health.

Watch my warning video for more details:

Join, the YouTube alternative, to exercise your free speech. Many new features coming soon…

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